Friday, January 18, 2008

Mom's Project

My 11 yo had a project due this week. He had to ask and answer a question related to astronomy. His question was "What would happen if the sun blew up?" A very good question indeed. And a very boy question to ask. However, not a good question to build a project around. I persuaded him to think of a different question. We went with the ever-popular, "What would it be like to travel in space?" He wrote a paper and "we" built a rocket ship. Which means, mostly me. And I am quite proud of my creative abilities. We got this project idea from a set of books I bought from one of those cute college kids who sell books door to door. That was years ago, and this was the first time we ever used the books. Now that was $75 well spent, if I do say so myself!
Start with a milk carton (or in our case, a juice carton)

Add a top made from an oatmeal box

Add toilet paper tube exhausts

Put it all together and you have a rudimentary rocket ship

Persuade your husband to go outside in the cold and paint it silver

Ask son whose project it is to write the words, Apollo and USA on it in his own handwriting at least

Glue on tissue paper streamers to look like fire, and the project is done!
Pat self on back for doing such a good job on your fifth grade project.

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Alyce said...

Wow Marybeth..The price on those books must have risen a lot since you bought yours. We had college kid come to our door. I didn't buy any word of what he was saying. First, he never mentioned the books, just a survey. I gave him terrible 3rd degree. I asked him question after what was some California college kid doing in boondocks VA. I said ADIOS!! Later, I asked a friend about him, and she said she paid like $400 for books!!! I told her she was CRAZY..and that everything in those books probably could be retrieved from the internet.. But I am so glad you, Marybeth and your family is putting those books to good use!!
We are to get snow tomorrow and my youngest is already asking if she can make snow angels. Of course!! Right now its 50 and they are enjoying the trampoline! I think I'll bring them in so we can take a nap!

MaryLu said...

We all have projects out there on which WE should have been graded. Sigh...

MrsProverbs31 said...

Well, that was a well used of $75. Great idea.

When it comes to projects, oh my goodness, I just remember my son has a project due next week. I better get hopping.

Renee Swope said...

Great job, I got an A on a solar system project last year in 5th grade. Okay, Joshua helped but there was some major assistance going on b/c he forgot it was due THE NEXT DAY!!

Can't wait to see you Monday for our "Domesticated Diva" Makeovers.


Karen said...

Does that book have anything about building a southern plantation for a 5th grade social studies project?