Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Back To Normal?

With all the hubbub about the devotion and my numerous thoughts and posts on that subject, I am afraid I have diverged from my usual blogging subjects. Sorry about that! For those of you who stumbled across my blog because you connected through the devotion link, let me extend a proper welcome. I am truly glad you are here! And don't worry, I will get back to normal subject matter, whatever that is!

What's up around our house? Well, my oldest daughter stayed home "sick" from school today-- but not so sick that she wasn't up for a trip to CiCi's pizza for lunch, I will note. I think that the adjustment to school has been hard on her and she was just plain exhausted. She went to bed about 7 last night and slept all the way until about 10 this morning. The sleep did wonders. Doesn't it always?

She commented numbers of times how nice and quiet our house is during the day with all the other kids gone to school-- and how "lucky" I am to be able to stay home and enjoy it. Lucky? I thought that was pretty funny that that was how she sees it. She hinted around mightily that she would be extremely interested in coming home to homeschool again now that the others are in school. I told her not on her life. Not to be mean, but I can already see how that will work: she comes home, then they all start making noises about it not being "fair" for her to be home-- and before I know it, we're back where we started from! I am not saying never, I am just saying, let's finish what we started this year. And in the meantime, we'll take the occasional sick day/sanity break.

After our lunch at home, we headed to the library to pick up some holds I had. We also checked out an Elmo video for the two year old. She loves Elmo's World, and I love to hear her say Elmo's World in her little baby voice. I got this book, which is just so clever. I can't wait to dig into it tonight-- after I finish my CBS homework, of course!

When we got home, I quickly checked email, unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, cleaned the downstairs bathroom, and folded a load of laundry before it was time to head to the school for carpool. This afternoon has been a whirlwind of homework, making dinner, going on a run, and baking some muffins for my pastor's family (they just had a baby). And no, I still didn't make the pumpkin chocolate chip ones-- maybe next week! I am supposed to meet a friend of mine next week in the morning, so perhaps I can make those for our visit. They sound like they would go perfectly with some coffee (and conversation)!

I will also note that I finally have a working Ipod again! (I know you were postively wringing your hands with worry over it.) My sweet husband made four, count them, four trips to the Apple store to get his wife's Ipod fixed-- that is going above and beyond the husband job description if you ask me-- but I'll take it! They ended up just giving me a new one. And so, I loaded my songs over the weekend and I am able to run again to the sound of some old and new favorites.

Tonight I ran to Nichole Nordeman singing "Lay it down a little, Lay it down a lot, everything I've carried on my own, Lay it down in pieces, lay it down in whole, I don't want to hold it anymore." Good stuff.
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