Wednesday, October 10, 2007

One More Thing

After posting that long post about critics, I want to emphasize that that post was not written so that you all would feel sorry for me! I have gotten some concerned emails and I want to assure you all that I am fine-- it wasn't easy, per se, but it's also not enough to shut me up or make me quit either!! Ü

More than anything, I wanted to write that post because
1) Yes, I am frustrated that people lose sight of (as one of my commenters said) the main thing. At Community Bible Study, they focus on community-- corporate worship from all denominations without interjecting individual denominational beliefs/agendas into the mix. They say (and this is something I always think about) that we are supposed to "agree on the essentials and agree to disagree on the nonessentials." I like that.
2) More than being upset over my brief little situation (I can handle a few emails), I am burdened for those who are more in the public eye than I ever thought about being and definitely, therefore, more ripe for the pickin by the critical folks. I know this is true of my pastor and some other pastors who get regularly attacked by this group of folks via their blogs. They have called my pastor the Antichrist, for crying out loud!! I am righteously angry over these blogs and what they are stirring up within the Body just because they can. That is the main reason I wrote about taking the time it takes to be critical and using it for spreading the gospel and being Jesus' hands and feet. My thought is, why are they wasting their time and what are they afraid of? They don't even know my pastor and they certainly haven't spent any time around him! The ironic thing is, all they know of him is through watching his sermons and reading his blog. To my knowledge none of them even live in our city! Why? Why? Why?? Waste of time.
Additionally, I have a dear friend who is in ministry and speaks a whole lot. You should hear some of the things people have said to her as well. Ugh. What good does Christians sitting around flinging mud do for the Kingdom I ask you?

Ok, taking a moment to compose myself... Deep breath. Climbing down off my soapbox... for now.

And so, that's just a bit more of an explanation about why I wrote what I wrote. But I do thank you for your sweet emails and your concern!!
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