Thursday, October 11, 2007


Today I had to work in children's at CBS. Part of being in CBS means that you must do at least one volunteer day in the children's dept per semester. It might surprise you to know that I am not much of a kid person. Oh sure, I am a mom of six but I am not one to just want to be around kids all the time. I am crazy about mine, but I am pretty partial to mine and mine alone. So, working in children's is a stretch for me-- and I will admit that I was hesitant to work today-- I was bummed about missing my group time after a pretty hard week. But as I drove, I prayed that God would allow me to see why I was there for this day at this time. And, as always, He was faithful.

At one point in the morning, we headed to music, which basically means we went to another room and let the kids sing loudly to a cd of kids' songs. The songs were cute, but of course having never been there I didn't know all the words and motions, so mostly I watched and applauded. The last song they sang was a very simple but beautiful song. They sang, "God made me, God made me, When I look in the Bible I see that God made me." Then they sang the next verse, "God loves me. God loves me. When I look in the Bible I see that God loves me." As I watched them sing, I noticed that each of their shirts had a nametag pinned to it that designated some special job they each had been assigned for that day. One was "line leader." One was "table wiper." One was "floor sweeper." One was "snack helper." And one little fellow's nametag read "Caboose." His special job was to bring up the back of the line.

As I watched these precious little children sing about how God made them and how He loves them, I couldn't help but think about how they sort of represented us all. How some of us have the lowly jobs like sweeping floors and wiping down tables, and some of us get to give food away or watch over others. Some of us are like little Lily, who was designated the "Star Student." Some of us were created to be the line leaders-- and most of us can identify with that feeling of being the caboose. And yet, as they all stood so proudly and sang so loudly, God made each one of us and more importantly He loves each one of us.

And so, as little children are so prone to do, they reminded me of a simple but fundamental Truth today. He made me. He loves me.

He made you. He loves you. No matter who you are or what you do for a living. No matter whether you sing off key or poke your neighbor in the eye (as one child did). We are all God's star students and He holds us in the palm of His loving hand. I spent today thinking about that and remembering that. And I had a great day-- I know I learned just as much with those children as I would have in my group. I know I was right where God wanted me today.
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Valerie said...

This morning before heading off to CBS, I was trying to get a very complicated set of flight arrangements made. After spending 20 fruitless minutes on the phone, it was time to leave and I was grumbling that I *really* needed to work on the flight stuff as who knew if enough seats on the right flights would be available after another 3 hours. I, however, stopped myself and gave myself a lecture on how God would much rather I study his word and allow Him to work out those flight details and I prayed that I would be able to stop worrying and focus entirely on Him during CBS. Amazingly, the whole flight fiasco disappeared and I was so blessed just to learn and discuss His word. When I finally got home and sat down with the phone, the flights were taken care of easily in 2 calls. During the last one, the rep was even humming while he booked the last 2 tickets and I just wanted to break out into a joyful song myself. God does amazing things when we get our worries out of the way (and I'm right there with you about other people's kids) and put our focus on Him.

Digging for Pearls said...

I smiled as I read your blog. I homeschool my two sons and people assume that kids are my ministry because of that. Children't ministry is not where God called me, but to women instead. :)