Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Free Physics Kits!

I got this from a group I am on and it is legit. I signed up for mine and am excited about going through this kit with my 11 year old. I am even hoping it won't be over the 7 year old's head so we can somehow include her. Hope this is useful to someone!

Follow the link to register for a free physics kit for your middle schoolers :)

PhysicsQuest 2007: Marie Curie's Floating Classes
Marie Curie was a brilliant scientist who received two Nobel Prizes. She had to fight hard to become a scientist because she was a Polish female growing up in Russian-controlled Warsaw – some of her classes had to constantly change locations to avoid being detected by the police.
This fall take your middle school students back in time to the Warsaw of the late 1800s. Their mission: keep the police from finding Marie’s classes by correctly completing four physical science challenges. The challenges center on heat, temperature, and energy.

Sign up for the kit now and your class will receive a FREE kit, which includes a PhysicsQuest manual and the materials necessary to complete the challenges. Classes that correctly complete them will be eligible for prizes.
Register now, FREE kits are limited to the first 7500 U.S. classes to register. Please email questions and special requests to
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Sisterlisa said...

Thanks for the tip on the Physics. I signed up!!!