Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Am Feeling a Bit Better...

...and it is a good thing! Because from the minute I got up to just a moment ago, I have run, run, run. This morning Curt took the kids to school and I was looking forward to languishing at home, taking my sweet time to enjoy the morning. I got a quick shower and decided to go ahead and get a few chores out of the way that needed to be done since at that point I only had one child awake. I cleaned the bathroom while the seven year old Windexed the glass surfaces downstairs. We worked silently and contentedly until the other two children got up. I had originally planned to get together with some girls from my church and their kids this morning, but we all needed a catch up day after the long weekend, I think, and mutually cancelled our playdate. And so, with our plans cancelled, the day was peaceful and calm. I was working on an errand list and deciding about what I felt like doing.

And then the phone rang. It was the company that schedules home showings. And while I was thrilled with having a showing, I was less than excited at the prospect of getting the house in showing condition and having to leave. But I sucked it up and did it. I decided to venture over to the other side of town to pick up my cd's that were finished-- something I didn't think I would have time to do until Friday. I called Curt to let him know we had a showing, and he surprised me by saying he would take us to lunch at an old favorite restaurant near where the studio is. So, we met him and had a nice lunch, and that made the day turn out ever so much nicer than I expected.

After lunch we had to run to the homeschool store to pick up my long awaited copy of Lessons In Leadership that I had ordered awhile back. I also picked up a tangram kit that looks like it will be good to use with the tangrams we already have. (It is put out by Learning Resources.) And I got a Professor Noggin card game "Countries Of The World" to use with our geography study. My daughter also got an Usborne Kid Kit called "Starting To Draw." She was tickled to see that the book includes lessons for drawing a ballerina-- her new passion in life! The funny thing is, I remember her sister going through this exact same drawing phase at about the same age. Cute!

Then we ran to the library to pick up some holds. The library in my town really is like Cheers for me. I half expect them to call out, "Marybeth!" when I walk in. They don't, but they do greet me and ask about the kids and stuff. I am there enough that they should know my life history by now! After the library, it was time for a huge grocery run to stock up on meals for the week. (Tonight's meal? Frozen Red Baron pizzas-- don't judge me.) Then it was time to head home, unpack the groceries quickly and go pick up the other kids from school.

And guess what voicemail message was waiting for me when I got home?

That's right-- another showing. Two in one day is a record for us after some rather dead weeks. So, for those of you who really are praying for us to sell this house-- keep praying! It's working! I quickly threw the groceries into place, instructed the seven year old to go ahead and get ready for dance class, gathered up the kids and got back in the car. We headed to the school, got the other two kids and surprised them with Baskin Robbins as an after school treat. What a great way to kill an hour while the house is being shown, right? The baby even got her own ice cream cone-- what I was thinking with that idea, I couldn't say. Suffice it to say, I was not in my right mind after all the running. But we survived. And she wasn't even that messy, actually.

After BR, it was time to head to dance class to drop off little artist ballerina girl. She just looks too cute all ready for ballet-- it's worth the price of the lessons! Then we headed home, where I got everything ready to make the gourmet frozen pizzas and told my oldest daughter what to do with the pizzas while I was gone back down the road to pick her back up from ballet (the class isn't that long). While I was driving, Curt called and we caught up on each other's day a bit. He picked up oldest son from football practice too, which is a huge help. I retrieved ballet girl, got home and cut up pizzas and poured drinks. We were supposed to have canned pineapple with it, but dontcha know I up and forgot to get it out?

As the kids were eating, our realtor came by to look over the work we had done on her punch list and give her approval. I finished feeding the kids and cleaning up the mess while we talked for a bit. Curt and my oldest got home during that time so he was able to walk her around the outside of the house while the kids were finishing up dinner. She didn't stay too long. Can you blame her?

As I write this, Curt has the two youngest in the tub and will soon read them a story: The Kitchen Knight, a story of King Arthur that my five year old is sure to love. My daughter is working on homework and the two homeschooled children are outside jumping on the trampoline. My oldest is somewhere-- no idea. Probably working on homework himself. I have read emails and Mapquested directions for our field trip we are going on tomorrow. If all goes well, I hope to have some good pictures to post tomorrow after our time with the Indians.

And in a minute, I plan to crawl into bed and page through some of the books I picked up from the library today:
Here If You Need Me by Kate Braestrup
How To Raise An Amazing Child The Montessori Way by Tim Seldin
The Opposite of Fate by Amy Tan

A perfect way to end an incredibly busy day!
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picketfencemom said...

Girl, you have been busy! So glad you're feeling a little bit better...sounds as though you don't have much choice! LOL I literally had to catch my breath just reading about it! LOL

BTW, I've had quite a few articles in Learning Through History Magazine that you mentioned in an earlier post, but it's been awhile since I've submitted anything to them. Historical writing is definitely one of my favorite things to do!

You've inspired me to get out my copy of Real Learning and give it another go-through. I just LOVE Elizabeth's writing gentle, yet encouraging and inspirational! I also recently got a copy of Literature Alive! by Cay Gibson! After you recommended it 'once upon a time long ago', I wanted it desperately. But it was out of print until earlier this year. Yay to Cay for bringing it back into print!

Well, my crew awaits. I hope you have a magnificent day, my friend! And continued blessings on the 'house showing thing'! LOL

Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

OOOH 2 showings??? Go girl! Will be praying!

Hey, Old Salem in Winston-Salem is having a homeschoolers day on Sept 13. We are going. It is $8 a child for the full tour. I just wanted to throw that out there....


Hang in there. THE HOUSE WILL SELL!

Leah in Iowa said...

Wow, you must be feeling better if you got all that done in one day! I wouldn't want to do that even if I was feeling great! =) Hope it pays off, and that your home sells soon!