Friday, August 31, 2007


Today one of my blog readers emailed to ask about our house. Ah, you were hoping not to have to hear anymore about that, huh? Well, she reminded me that I haven't posted an update about it lately... mainly because nothing has changed. It is still for sale. We have not had any serious interest on it, and it is frankly, discouraging. My prayers still waffle between "I trust You Lord" to "Please, please, please, Lord."

We still have a house we are wanting to make an offer on-- and it is still on the market. I keep praying for God to "hold" it for us. That is what I prayed over this house when we were trying to sell our old house to get this one. And it worked, obviously.

Last weekend after church we went over to the house and prayed together about it. We peeked into the windows and imagined life in that house. We dreamed about some changes we would make to make the house feel more like our own. We approached the throne of grace with confidence and asked for what we want. That house. We asked God to sell our house for us so that we can make an offer on that house.

To be honest, we felt like after that time of prayer and unity, God would surely move that day and bring us an offer out of the blue. But no. We did drop the price on our house again, in hopes of getting the ball rolling. We had one showing yesterday, and haven't heard back about that yet.

Our realtor has given us some input as to things we could do to the outside of the house to get it in better showing condition. We have gotten lackadaisical in our stance over the three months the house has been on the market. We have let things slide, I will admit. She sent me an email and talked about staging our house to look like a model.

I had to stifle a laugh.

You see, I don't live in a model home. I live in a very real home filled to the brim with children. They are noisy, they make scuff marks on the walls and track mud into the house. They slide their dirty fingers along the wall, and the dog drops enough hair to make a whole second dog. The war against dirt and hair alone is enough to keep me busy-- much less the very overwhelming process of staging my house to look like a model.

And so, we will do what we can. Most of all we will pray. And I hope soon I will have some good news to post here. If you feel like praying, I would sure appreciate it.
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Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

I will certainly be praying!!!!! It will happen. I know it. In God's time (which is really HARD to wait on sometimes, ask me how I know!)

Angela said...

Years ago, a dear friend of mine had had her house on the market for close to a year. Talk about discouraging! That's an entire year of attempting to keep things picked up and ready to show. Makes me tired just thinking about it.

One day she was doing some canning and her house was a MESS! Of course that would be the day the realtor knocked on the door and asked to show the house. Despite the mess, these were the people the Lord sent to finally buy their home.

Whatever the Lord's timing for your family, I pray you are able to keep your focus on His awesome plan for you (Jer. 29:11)!

Lauren Caldwell.... said...

We have moved 2o times in 23 years of marriage! And half of those moves were related to our having income (after my husband stopped pastoring)- remodeling a house and then SELLING it was a necessary thing!
Oh, the things God has in store for us!- and they don't always involve waiting just to learn patience. Sometimes the waiting really is for something even better to occur- circumstantially, financially,or relationally. Whatever that good thing is, I'm praying for that for you!! And I'll be doing my "selling the house" dance when I hear your good news on that glorious day!

Shari said...

Hello my sweet friend, I'm trying to catch up on your life by reading your last month of blogs...the thing that cracked me up and made me write is your comment about having so much dog hair it could make another dog! That is hilarious! I miss you...why can't I ever get around to visiting you??? I have sooo much to tell you...we need a retreat just for us! love you, Shari