Friday, August 31, 2007

The Nice Matters Award

Beth awarded me the Nice Matters award, which is now proudly displayed in my sidebar, thanks to my very NICE blog designer, Dawn at Barefoot Blogs. The way this works is I am supposed to nominate five other bloggers for the Nice Matters award.

My first nominee is Dawn. She is so nice to fix my messes and help me whenever I need a technology boost. Want to give your blog a makeover? I recommend her work and her service highly! And I get no kickbacks for saying that either!

Next I have to nominate Lindsey. I can't remember if she has won this already but I can't not nominate her. She is so NICE-- she even drove a long distance to spend the day with me! (When are we getting together again Lindsey?) Plus her blog is just nice, and makes me think, and encourages me, and on and on.

Then I have to nominate the blog As Cozy As Spring. Because she answered a question I asked her about Memoria Press' copybooks-- and helped me a lot. Your suggestion was right on and our copybook just arrived the other day. Thanks for being so NICE! As Cozy as Spring encourages me in all things crafty and homemaker-ish. It is a very nice blog and makes me happy to read it.

Next is Bonita, whom I have known for years. Bonita is a NICE person, and is very real, which I think is nice-- and refreshing. I especially enjoy keeping up with her through her blog. Hint, hint Bonita, I am ready for a beach update soon! It would be really NICE if you would post again... hint, hint.

Then finally Amy. I didn't remember to send her birthday wishes for her 40th, so instead I will bestow this award. She truly is just a sweetheart and super NICE... so she deserves the nice award.

Ok, breaking the rules here, but I have to add my friend Terri. She wasn't in my first round of nominees, as I am not used to her being a regular blogger again after she took a NICE break for summer. Terri is super NICE and I love, love, love her. We meet very sporadically to talk writing, vent and pray for each other's ministry and motherhood, etc. It is very NICE to have a friend like Terri and I am so glad she is blogging again so everyone else can experience how NICE she is!

Nominees, feel free to snag the photo from my sidebar to post on your blog and pass along all this niceness.
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Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

thank you thank you :)

I'm glad *someone* thinks I'm nice!

Yes, let's get together soon. I've moved 25 miles closer to you!!!

Leah in Iowa said...

Congratulations on your award, Marybeth. You really deserve it!