Sunday, July 01, 2007

A Little Taste Of Summer

In honor of the big July 4th weekend, I decided to post this link to a video that might take a few of you back in time-- to summer of 1985. I was fifteen (yes, I am giving away my age) and on my first trip to Sunset Beach, NC. During that trip I watched this video at least daily and listened to this song multiple times daily. On that trip I decided that Sunset Beach was my favorite place in all the world-- and it remains so to this day. This year we will be one beach over from Sunset for our vacation-- though my heart remains in Sunset, my uncle owns a beach house (read: free) so we are staying there for two weeks this year! (Not for another month but I am SO ready!) You can bet I will head to Sunset at least once while I am there. I can't stay away.
Click on this link and enjoy this little taste of summer as much as I did!
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Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

Sunset is a gorgeous place, but as you know I'm partial to Holden Beach myself! :)

Amy said...

(a)I love love love Don Henley!!! (b) Taking you home is my favorite song ever, followed by new yourk minute and not enough love in the world!(c) love love love that songs can take you back to another place in time, make you change your state of mind!! (to quote Clint Black)heading to the Beach - to think more of the Boys of the Summer! love ya.....amy