Saturday, June 30, 2007

Last Night

Last night was a lot of fun. I hung out with my friend Paige and a bunch of teenagers for the night. Though watching a herd of teens wasn't my plan (I pictured a night of uninterrupted girl talk) it turned out to be pretty funny-- and an anthropological study to boot. Paige and I basically observed the teenagers in their natural habitat.

There were four teenage boys and five teenage girls there-- acting rowdy and playing in her pool. I caught a glimpse of my future as we have just entered the teenage parenting years-- but will be in this stage for many more years to come. Paige does being a mom of teens well, so she is a good one to learn from. She is fun and cool without being a pushover-- a delicate balance to be sure. Perhaps the most interesting part of what she told me last night was that their phone is busiest on Saturday nights-- not because the kids are making plans to go out, but because a bunch of kids are calling to get a ride to church the next morning! Very cool indeed. And kudos to the McKinney family for making church a highlight of those teenagers' weekend!

We didn't get home until nearly one am. We ended up calling my house and enticing Curt to leave the older one watching the sleeping little ones and join us for awhile. That was fun to have him there, and we will have to call it a date, since we are going to be at the swim team banquet during our normal date night on Sunday night. Ah, parenting-- so romantic!
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