Saturday, June 30, 2007


I gave a mini presentation on blogging at our speaker team meeting last week and a full presentation at She Speaks. Both times I mentioned that I occasionally post menus on my blog and both times that got a laugh from the audience. I wasn't trying to be funny! I really am just nerdy enough to post menus! Here's ours for the week.

(I usually assign days, but this time I just made a list and bought the ingredients and will randomly assign meals according to what I am in the mood to cook)

  • bacon, scrambled eggs, blueberry muffin cake
  • chicken strips, black-eyed peas, mashed potatoes with gravy (tonight)
  • chicken soft tacos
  • grilled chicken strips over salad
  • grilled hamburgers and french fries (July 4th)
  • chicken, broccoli and cashew stir fry over rice

This should get us to Saturday, when I leave for Atlanta for the ICRS convention. Once I am gone, Curt will most likely take the kids out to eat-- and I will enjoy the break from cooking!

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1 comment:

picketfencemom said...

Yum...these sound great...especially the chicken brocolli thing and the chicken strips on the salad. I love salads!
Hope you have a wonderful week and a Happy July 4th! We are heading to the beach for a few days after church today.
Take care and I'm still keeping you in my prayers!