Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happiness Is...

FINALLY getting a new Ipod. My kids and husband got theirs at Christmas but I didn't for reasons that I can't honestly remember. I regretted that later as I watched them all enjoy listening to theirs. Well, on Saturday after Curt dropped the kids at the All Star swim meet, he drove to a nearby mall with our five year old and purchased a frost blue Nano and brought it home to me.

Can I just say that last night we didn't get to bed til nearly 1 am because I was having the best time loading songs on my new toy? This afternoon I have enjoyed loading even more songs. I have loaded everything from Big Band music (Stardust, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes) to current stuff. Most of all I have been loving resurrecting all my old 80's faves. My family is laughing at me and my husband says that I am musically schizophrenic. What can I say? I like ALL types of music-- except not much country, I will admit.

I know the new will wear off eventually-- but in the meantime, I am having a blast!

And yes, I am listening to it as I write this. What's playing? Shock the Monkey by Peter Gabriel. Good stuff.
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Rona said...

You are a nut. I was fortunate to take control of my middle one's iPod when he offered to trade it to my brother for his PSP. My brother told him to keep the iPod and take the PSP, so since he was willing to part with it, Ive used it. Apparently, not as much as you. His has the video, so I have enjoyed catching up on missed episodes of Grey's Anatomy. Also, our new old Volvo only had a tape player/radio so Jeff found an adapter that's like a tape that plugs in to the iPod and I can take it with me in the car. Love it!