Sunday, July 01, 2007

League Champs

The kids had their swim team banquet tonight and they had lots to celebrate-- They were the regular season champs and the All Star meet champs. They are now undefeated for two years running. They were so proud of themselves tonight and we count ourselves blessed to have been part of this team for the two years. The coaches are excellent and I commend them for taking time to pour into the lives of the kids. It is a huge time commitment!

My seven year old daughter got "most improved" for the eight and unders division. I wish I had had a camera to capture her huge grin. They came home loaded down with trophies and medals-- proof of another excellent season and the value of perseverance. I am so glad that we can be involved in swim team as a family. Curt actually got pretty sad tonight as he looked around the room of neighbors all gathered and realized that if our house sells we might not be back next year. We shall see what happens-- we might just put an addition on and stay put. Right now that sounds pretty good to me!
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Andrea said...

Hi Marybeth!
I was just popping over to check out your blog via Lindsey's. I have read an article of yours in Above Rubies, I think, so I was happy to know you have a blog! Anyway, I was going to invite you over to my place, but I see I'm on your neat! So I am sure I'll be back! Nice to "meet" you!