Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A New Blog And Site!

This is my new blog-- and my new site! Now when you go to, you will land here. After keeping a blog for just shy of two years, I am more convinced than ever that my main contact comes through people finding my blog and not my website. Why? Because my website rarely changed. Oh sure, it had some good information about me-- but it was information I could post just as easily on a blog. So, you will see at the top some links that you can click on that I will keep updated for you. That way I can still keep you linked to my speaking schedule, my topics, and other news about me.

I love the look of my new blog and am so appreciative to Dawn for working so hard and so fast to pull it together! If you are looking to have a blog designed, she does great work and is very reasonable. You can check her out at I am also grateful to my husband for giving me the idea of linking my blog and my site (he did it first) and to Rachel Olsen for giving me a vision of how a blog can function like a website.

My goals for this new blog is to post photos so you can not only read about my life but see it as well. That was definitely missing from my old blog. In the meantime, you can check out my family in that picture at the top. That is the picture that is going on the cover of the Proverbs 31 magazine's October edition. But don't tell anyone... it's supposed to be a surprise, I think!

I am so excited to have this new blog. Can you tell? I hope you will come back and visit me a lot!
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Amber said...

What a great idea, making your website your blog, which looks FANTASTIC!!! I look forward to coming back to visit you.

God Bless,

IRENE said...

I found you while I was having a look at barefoot blogs. But I am sure I have seen you before, because I your blog's name stayed with me (I love Cheaper By The Dozen!).
I was impressed reading about your family and your writing and speaking. I will come back and read some more.
Wishing you and your beautiful family God's love and grace.
Blessings to you.

Jenean said...

Hi Marybeth,
What a beautiful family! I wonder if its too late for number 6! I read your blog every morning and I think you're a gifted writer. I brag about you often! Talk to you soon.

Love ya,

Theresa ♥ said...

What a beautiful blog! I love the colors. Dawn does great work doesn't she!

Looking forward to reading here often.


Ginger said...

Hi Mary Beth, You have inspired me to begin blogging! I really enjoyed all of She Speaks and your session was very informative. Here is my very first post.

I will keep up with your blog!

Love in Christ,