Thursday, June 28, 2007

I Am Losing My Nerve

Remember those three showings we were supposed to have yesterday? You know, the ones I left the house for with ALL THE KIDS? Well, come to find out one was supposed to be scheduled for today (not yesterday) and one didn't show. Which means that I WENT OUT FOR NOTHING. This news, as you can imagine, did not thrill me to hear. So, I am looking for a silver lining in our uncessary adventures yesterday. I'll let you know when I find it.

Today I got everyone settled down for naps or some other quiet activity and headed out to run-- yes, in the south in the middle of the day, when temps reach 95 at least. Hey, I reason that I sweat more and therefore must be losing more weight. That doesn't happen, necessarily, but that is how I get through it. Because otherwise, I won't get that run in-- and I am making it a priority. So, I just do it, as Nike says.

Anyway, I rounded the corner which takes me back by our house to find a white Jeep parked in front of our house and a man and woman about to enter the house. I hollered (from a pretty far distance) "Excuse me?" (I promise I wasn't obnoxious about it.) The realtor stopped and asked if I was the home owner and I explained to her that there was some confusion because I thought they came yesterday. (They don't leave cards anymore, so you really don't know if they came or not.)

They were really sweet about it, and the man was from out of town. In other words, if I didn't let them go in, I was losing a potential sale. So, I agreed and (VERY hot and sweaty, I will add) I went in with them while they quickly walked through. The speed of their visit didn't reflect on the way I smelled, I am sure! After they left, I finished the last leg of my run, thinking all the while that I do not like this house on the market thing. I am very close to taking the sign out of the yard and learning to be content in my small house-- or calling the contractors to come out and give us a price on an addition.

Another reason not to move? The kids' swim team is going strong. We are going into our last meet tonight undefeated. Saturday is the All Star meet-- which I *think* several of ours are swimming in as well. And yes, I will be honest and admit that I was hoping none of them would qualify. Selfishly, I wanted a Saturday at home-- oh well!
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Leah in Iowa said...

Oh Marybeth ~ I'm sorry this happened to you! What a predicament! But I have to say I sorta laughed as I read about it. I can just picture you running up and yelling, "Excuse me!?" =) Sounds like the realtors need to get their act together. Or maybe you should tell them that your house is only available for showing M-W-F afternoons. Or something. I'll keep praying that this process wraps up quickly for you!!

Amy said...

oh that is a bummer - funny but a bummer - we had someone show up on Dec 26th, no call, no appt, nothing! They had been at one of the other houses in our n'hood - I told the realor he had lost his mind!!! Can you imagine what my house looked like with 3 little ones the day after Christmas? Thanksk for the laugh! We leave for the beach on Tuesday YEAH!

picketfencemom said...

You are MUCH braver than I am...always on call for showings. If someone walked into my house right now, I think I'd go through the floor! We've been picking, shelling,and blanching butterbeans since 6:45 this morning, so I probably LOOK as though I've been running...but without the weight loss benefits! LOL
Sorry your showing was such a surprise experience, but at least this too shall pass! :-)
Hopefully, we'll be ready to head out to the beach Sunday afternoon!Yay!