Friday, June 29, 2007


Yay! My blogroll is finally up! It took some figuring out, as well as a few minutes to enter in all the links of my favorite blogs. Don't see yours up there? Email me and let me know where you are so I can check out your blog!

If I inadvertantly missed one of yours, it just means I am not finished yet. I only had a few minutes this morning to get it all done.

This afternoon I had a lovely but hectic lunch with my new friend Kelly. We met through church, but I have been getting to know her better through her blog (she is Four Girls, Five Years now handily listed in my sidebar!). I don't think we finished even one sentence since we were constantly interrupted, as we had seven kids under seven at the Chick fil a for lunch. (She had her four and I had my youngest three.) But it was fun-- in a crazy, mom-ish way. We decided that next time they will just have to come to our house for lunch!

This afternoon, we have another showing. Please God, please! Then tonight I am taking my two oldest over to my friend's house to let them swim while we visit and catch up. (Hubby will be home with the other kids.) Should be fun. I have un-officially dubbed this my girlfriend day, as I rarely meet up with two friends in one day. Fun! And much needed!
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Mommy Dearest said...

Glad we got that blogrolling working (this is Dawn)! I tried to organize a girls' night with a few church ladies for Monday night, but it didn't work out. Instead, we had them and their families over last night and all pitched in on making supper. It was a great time!

myjcrew said...

hey there,

just wanted to give you the link to my blog! i just got it going!!

hope all is well!!

dawn massey