Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What Worked For Me This Week

On Wednesdays I try to share things that made life easier or better. Here's the list this week: 

These shoes. They are by Sperry and I have no idea what they are called but they're kind of like espadrilles or Tom's. So easy to slip on and go. And that's what I've been doing nearly every day. The neutral color means they go with pretty much everything and they definitely match my usual "jeans and tee shirt" errand uniform. They were a little pricier than my usual flip flop but I can definitely say I'm getting my money's worth I wear them so much. They're kinda boring mom shoes but I love them.  Because let's face it, I am a boring mom. 

Finding and appreciating the beauty of spring. Whether it's on my long walks or right beside my back door (like this azalea), I've been trying to really soak in and savor the gorgeousness of spring. 

Refrigerating some leftover homemade cake frosting (because why would I let that go to waste?), then later buying some plain sugar cookies at the grocery store and letting my 9yo go to town with decorating them. She had a blast and the family enjoyed partaking in her handiwork afterwards. 

Taking my oldest to a Women's National Book Association event at our local indie bookstore. That's not how it started out-- he just said he'd meet me beforehand so we could have dinner around the corner from the event. After we finished eating I told him to at least come up and meet a few of my friends who had never met him. And he totally surprised me and ended up staying. That's him on the right with authors David Joy (Where All Light Tends To Go) and Leigh Ann Henion (Phenomenal). And yes, he did talk me into buying him David's book. And what mom can resist a kid-- no matter how old-- who wants to read?

I am a teensy weensy bit hooked on these right now. I am sure they are bad for me (don't tell me!) but you would not believe the amount of water I am willing to drink if these things are involved! So. Good. And only 5 calories a packet! 

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