Friday, April 24, 2015

The Age Of Adaline (review)

I will admit that I hadn't heard anything about this movie when I got invited to attend a preview. I almost said no because of that, but then I decided to watch the trailer. (Below) And it drew me in and made me decide to go see it. I was astonished when my husband said he thought it looked good and he wanted to go. What? But ok. A date night it was.

First we went to Dean and Deluca near the movie theater and had salads. My salad was laden with all the things I love-- artichoke hearts and grilled chicken and kalamata olives and tomatoes and carrots and cucumbers and-- oh yeah-- lettuce, topped off with a delicious sesame vinaigrette dressing. It was one of the best salads I've ever had. If you've never had a make your own Dean and Deluca salad and you have one near you, what are you waiting for?? Treat yourself to one asap! But I digress. This is not a post about salads. It's about this new movie that is out today.

After we ate, we went to the movie, which was... not the best date movie we've ever been to. It was just a bit too girly for my husband. I'm not sure what he thought it was going to be but... it wasn't whatever that was. I think he thought there'd be more history involved? More science fiction uncovery of why this woman never ages? More chase scenes? It was none of that. So I kept looking over to make sure he was awake. And to his credit he stayed awake for all of it.

Here are a couple of random thoughts on the movie if you're considering seeing it:

It is a love story of several things-- yes love of course-- but also of dogs, and the city of San Francisco, and aging. In a youth-obsessed culture it was refreshing to see aging approached as something to be desired. If we stay young forever how will we ever experience the full scope of life seemed to be the story's throughline. And it was a point well-made. I liked that. And it did make me think.


I did not find the love interest attractive and I think that affected my ability to get swept into the love story. Blake Lively was, to me, far more lovely than he was handsome. This is me, showing my age. But that's ok because I learned from the movie that age is a good thing.


Some of the plot lines seemed contrived.


Blake Lively's breathy voice got on my nerves.

But-- but!-- I do not think I am the target market for this film. I think the two twentysomething girls sitting next to me with their salads on their laps and their big hoodie sweatshirts-- who bawled their eyes out through the last twenty minutes of the movie-- are the target market. And judging from their reaction, the movie should do pretty well.

So if you fall in the target market-- or know someone who does-- send them to this movie this weekend. But if you don't then proceed with caution. And you probably shouldn't take your husband if he likes a lot of action-- and the occasional gun-- in his cinema experience.

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I want her superpower of eternal youth.