Monday, December 01, 2014

Some Quirky December Holidays (And a Giveaway!)


Since today is December 1, I thought it would be fun to share these quirky December holidays, perhaps inspiring some of you to do something fun on one or more of them. I am definitely going to eat a red apple today-- maybe have some sliced up and some caramel dip for after school snacks for the kids.

I have my eye on Bake Cookies Day (Dec 18) I will probably make these. Wear Brown Shoes Day looks fun (Dec 4) as does Look on the Bright Side Day (which should be everyday). It would be nice to surprise a friend with a poinsettia on Dec 12.

And on December 9 do yourself a favor and have a copy of this book ready to read in honor of Christmas Card Day, or if you can't wait that long there's always Letter Writing Day on Dec 7. This story is about what happens when a mother decides not to inflate her family's lives in her annual Christmas letter and instead just tells the honest (unpleasant) truth. The author shared a delightful post on She Reads last week, so go check it out if you missed it! I, like her, love Christmas letters and found her novel's premise delightful. (Warning, the novel itself is long-- it might take you all of December to read it!)

And in honor of this delightful novel I am pleased to be offering a giveaway of the book! Here's how to enter for your chance to win. Simply leave a comment here telling me which quirky holiday you're going to make a point to celebrate this month! I will choose the winner on Friday!

  • December 1 Eat a Red Apple Day
  • December 2 National Fritters Day
  • December 3 National Roof over Your Head Day
  • December 4 Wear Brown Shoes Day
  • December 5 Bathtub Party Day
  • December 7 Letter Writing Day
  • December 7 National Cotton Candy Day
  • December 8 National Brownie Day
  • December 9 Christmas Card Day
  • December 9 National Pastry Day
  • December 11 National Noodle Ring Day
  • December 12 National Ding-a-Ling Day
  • December 12 Poinsettia Day
  • December 13 Violin Day
  • December 16 National Chocolate Covered Anything Day
  • December 18 Bake Cookies Day
  • December 19 Look for an Evergreen Day
  • December 20 Go Caroling Day
  • December 21 Humbug Day
  • December 21 National Flashlight Day
  • December 21 Look on the Bright Side Day
  • December 22 Winter Solstice
  • December 23 Festivus - for the rest of us
  • December 26 Boxing Day
  • December 27 National Fruitcake Day
  • December 28 Card Playing Day
  • December 30 National Bicarbonate of Soda Day
  • December 31 Make Up Your Mind Day

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    Mary Lou said...

    I'll celebrate Wear Brown Shoes day because it won't require any additional effort (except remembering to plan an outfit that coordinates with brown shoes).

    Susie-Q said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Susie-Q said...

    I plan to observe Letter Writing Day on December 7. I LOVE to write letters and like to use it as a way to encourage other people. My mother, sisters, and I used to write a letter to one another weekly, or at least monthly during busy periods, and I've saved many of them. As I reread them, I have a sense of family history and recall activities and comments of my now departed mother and older sister.

    Heather said...

    Wish I would have read that post before listing our 2014 highlights on our Christmas card...not that it's not truthful...just left the blah stuff out. :) Will make brownies on 12/8! Thanks for the fun post!!

    Velma said...

    Wow! I never knew there were so many holidays on December. I think National Chocolate Covered Anything day sounds yummy. Please enter me in the contest. Thanks!

    Anonymous said...

    Wow I would love this book! thank you ! I will do Caroling day! thank you!

    Britney Adams said...

    Hello From The Gillespies sounds like a great book, one that I certainly would enjoy! I loved the post the author shared on She Reads! I will happily indulge in chocolate in celebration of National Chocolate Covered Anything Day on December 16. Thank you for the fun post and giveaway.

    texaggs2000 at gmail dot com

    Stephanie said...

    I enjoyed this post and plan to print the list to share with my kids. We are a homeschooling family and this will add a little fun to our school days this month. December 16 National Chocolate Covered Anything Day looks like something that would surely appeal to my crew :) Would love to win a copy of this book!

    Stephanie said...

    Well no time like the present, but honestly the one that struck a chord is National Roof Over Your Head day, which is tomorrow! We have had many frustrations and struggles in this house, but we have a house! And I will make purchase a holiday meal or two for those without a roof over their head. I'd love to read the book also! Thanks for sharing!

    Karen said...

    I love quirky holiday's - i used to make the youth calendar at the church where I work and would always add these fun holidays. So this year I am going to participate in December 4 - wear brown shoes day and December 16 - national chocolate covered anything day (who doesn't love chocolate ;) )

    Anonymous said...

    I think National Brownie Day or Look on the Bright Side Day are 2 I could celebrate! :)
    Martha T.

    rhonda said...

    National pastry day.yum

    Susan H said...

    Bake Cookies Day!!

    Juliann said...

    Chocolate Covered Anything Day! ...Maybe make Christmas Tree Brownies with the kids on Brownie Day....thanks for great list.

    Juliann said...

    Chocolate Covered Anything Day! ...Maybe make Christmas Tree Brownies with the kids on Brownie Day....thanks for great list.

    Kimberly V said...

    Wow, there really is a day for everything. I plan on celebrating National Chocolate Covered Anything Day. That is everyday for me. I'm not even sure how to celebrate some of these days. I have no idea what a noodle ring even is.

    Carla White said...

    This is such a great list, thank you Marybeth! There are several that I would love to try (like Brownie Day, of course!) but I think the one that I will make a point to participate in is going to be December 21st-National Flashlight Day. This sounds like a great time to make some hot chocolate and popcorn, turn off the lights, create a tent to hide under while we watch Polar Express and throw on the flashlights too! Maybe even some shadow puppets. This seems like a great way to add to our tradition! Thank you so very much for this idea. My ten year old son will be thrilled. And thanks for the opportunity for the book also. The premise sounds like something I may end up doing (as I currently wait for the HVAC repairman...not a perfect way to start the season). No coincidence that the 21st is also Look on the Bright Side Day! : )

    PK said...

    Well I've already done Dec. 1st - eat a red apple day :) Such an interesting list! I'd love to read this book! ~ Paula

    Anonymous said...

    We will most definitely be celebrating Violin Day!! This is the 2nd year my daughter has been learning & playing the violin at school and she loves it! She will be performing at school and our local mall during the week of the 13th, so I think that holiday is perfect to celebrate!!
    As always, keep up the good work with the blog, I have been reading it for years and absolutely love it!!

    Angel Magee

    karenk said...

    I plan to wear Brown Shoes on December 4th. :)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

    Caryn said...

    Dec 28 -card playing day. I can't wait to spend a day playing cards with my family.

    Kristie said...

    I will celebrate Wear Brown Shoes Day because I always wear black so it will be a fun way to challenge myself to change things up! Thanks for letting us play along!

    Amy Stierwalt said...

    Bake cookies day of course!

    April @ PolkaDots n' PinkySwears said...

    Dec 9 - Christmas Card Day :)