Monday, November 17, 2014


Today I appear to be here, but I am actually not. I'm in Asheville, NC, joining the talented ladies featured in this video. Some of you know my talented friend Rachel Olsen, author of one of my favorite books and go-to resources MY ONE WORD. (Ahem, now is the time to read that book if you haven't so you can start mulling over your word for the coming year.)

But you probably don't know Katie Hicks, another talented woman who read my first novel THE MAILBOX and up and decided to create a Kindred Spirit mailbox and enter it into the National Gingerbread Competition at the Grove Park Inn. Here's a sample of her genius-- she made this cake for my signing when THE BRIDGE TENDER came out this summer. That's the bridge and the logo of The Old Bridge Preservation Society, where the event was held. And those are all my book covers-- made in sugar!!

I hope to post soon about my time in Asheville-- a combination of girlfriend time, mountain time, creative rejuvenation time, and the surreal moment of seeing this full circle moment of my book becoming a gingerbread creation! I am so excited, I can't even tell you.

And so, this week, my scrap is simple-- this video news report about the lovely ladies who are doing the hard work behind this venture.

And here's some links about the competition, in case you'd like to see the masterpiece for real!

Grove Park Inn Gingerbread Competition

Romantic Asheville: Gingerbread Competition
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Kristy Woodson Harvey said...

That is so amazing!! The only thing better than your own book cover is your own book cover in sugar :) I'm definitely going to have to look into that! Have fun in Asheville!