Monday, June 16, 2014

Intentional Mondays

Quote: "I told them that the best Rubric for being in the world, but not of it was the very figure of Jesus. By imbibing at weddings and dining with scumbags and harboring harlots in his love, He didn’t hold back from the spectrum of the human experience or culture, but brought His Sacredness to everything by carrying and communicating Kingdom values opposed to the written rules of His earth-time. He lived in the world, but seemed to speak to the general public: I’ll meet you here on your terms, but this is not the whole story. I don’t have to buy into your systems or play by your rules or subject myself to your status quo…come with my hand and let’s explore behind the veil….let’s find a deeper value story. You are made from earth stuff (be in the world), but you came alive from my breath (you are not of this world)." 

Source:  (written by Erika Morrison) 

I don't think I've heard a better take on being in the world and not of it, something that can be confusing for some of us-- or maybe it's just me.

Write Every Day... I am thinking about deleting this particular category for the summer, as it's going to be harder and harder to be positive about this. My kids are home for the summer. If I write at all, it'll be in fits and starts. Certainly not every day. I let go of that for good last summer. Last summer I was still suffering under the delusion that I could get up each morning and write until they woke up without interruption.

My One Word... AFFIRM. This week I got my first inquiry from someone interested in bringing me in to speak. This was a nice affirmation that I'm headed in the right direction in going back to speaking. I am going to post more about this at a later time, but in the meantime, if your church or group needs a speaker, check out the handy new speaker tab at the top of the site, and see what I'm up to. It's pretty exciting.

Listening To... David Gray's new album Mutineers is out THIS TUESDAY!!!! That is what I will be listening to for sure. I've got the 3 cd deluxe version coming in the mail, and I'm hoping it's signed. (This is fangirl raving, please ignore.) But seriously, I've been waiting for this moment for a long time. And it's here!!

This is a perfect song for a Monday, I think, don't you?

Sharing Stories... Tore through Elin Hilderbrand's new novel, THE MATCHMAKER last week. She is one of those "if I could write like anyone it would be her" writers. I've read almost all of her novels and I intend to read the rest of her books this summer, as they are the perfect summer reads. (They also make me long to go to Nantucket.) Please keep Elin in your prayers, as she had a double mastectomy last week. If you have a heart beating inside your chest, I guarantee this post by her will touch it.

In The Kitchen... I made this Sunday Chocolate Cake for Father's Day yesterday. The cake was a hit with everyone. I think it will be my fallback birthday cake, and a go-to for potlucks and when I take meals in the future. What I like about it is you pour the icing on the hot cake, which means no waiting around for the cake to cool so you can ice it. I was able to make it right after we got home from church, then walk out the door to enjoy a day at the pool. When we got back home, there it was, ready and waiting for our celebration.

Randomness... this should probably be a separate post, but I will just write about it here. A week ago Saturday, I fell. I will not go into the details of how I fell but suffice it to say it was something you usually only hear about a young child or the elderly doing. Not only did I manage to fall, however, I managed to give myself a concussion. I had never had a concussion, however, so I didn't know that was what I had. I tried to go on with a normal life for several hours, driving a car and attempting to answer emails. I came home and told my husband that I didn't feel right, and described my symptoms-- foggy-headed, dizzy, confused, losing words I could normally spit out, tired, etc. He looked up "concussion" on google and sure enough, those were signs. Who knew? I ended up getting a CAT scan and thankfully there was no major damage. That was the good news. The bad news, the symptoms could last up to two weeks. I was never more glad that I'd taken time off the ole blog than I was last week. Every day I get a little more "with it," feel a little more like myself. It's been a weird experience, one I don't want to ever do over.

Plans... This is our first full week of summer. Last week, thanks to my concussion, was a lost week. I'm hoping to get to the pool, maybe do a little writing and otherwise try to catch up on all the stuff that didn't get done last week. Next weekend kicks off three events I'm doing for THE BRIDGE TENDER's release. If you are anywhere near Lancaster, SC, Sunset Beach, NC, or Topsail Island, NC, I'd love to see you there!

Loveliness... the fern outside my kitchen window, swaying in the summer breeze. Eight little green tomatoes growing on the tomato plant I am growing. Candles burning against the darkness on a warm night out on our deck. Spoons hitting the sides of bowls as the last of the ice cream is consumed. The rain hitting our roof as a flash thunderstorm comes through, canceling swim practice on a night we really all wanted to stay home anyway. Summer. It truly is my favorite season.

Photo of the Week...

In honor of Father's Day, I switched our seasonal tablescape to a nice, sedate, neutral place setting.
I find it very soothing and plan to just keep it like this all summer.

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Alyce said...

Hi MaryBeth! I am a long lost follower. I used to read your blog a lot years ago. Even chatted with you some. I have had spells of blog really can consume a person. I was wasting a lot of time and energy reading GREAT blogs. I was thinking this morning about the fact that it was or rather is the month of June and "I bet MB has a new book out", so I am glad I looked you up!

Amy O'Quinn said...

So sorry to hear about your fall and concussion...but glad you are doing better. I know that must have been rough. Try to take it easy as long as you can. :) But from one mom of six to another...I realize how ridiculous that sounds! Loved The Bridge Tender and I will write an Amazon review asap. HAPPY Summer!!!