Monday, May 26, 2014

Intentional Mondays

Quote: "Friend, I am becoming desperate. What shall I do? How quickly, if I only knew by what remedy, I would turn from the commotion of my own life." Mary Oliver, Truro, The Blueberry Fields

As summer looms large on the heels of this kickoff weekend, I find myself longing to turn from the commotion of my own life and embrace the long lazy days ahead. Perhaps in its own way summer is the remedy, at least for a short time.

Write Every Day... I spent this week kvetching and moaning over a new book idea that seems just so BIG and daunting and hard. My thanks go out to the two writer friends who sat by my side as I groaned and retched and generally carried on. You are true friends to listen and offer words of advice. You know who you are. One day I might actually write that particular book. If I do, you two get the book dedicated to you. I promise.

My One Word... AFFIRM. Got two sweet notes from readers of this blog offering affirmation. I think they were concerned for me and their heartfelt sentiments were muchly appreciated. It is good to know that what I write here does wing its way into the homes and hearts of people elsewhere. And that it actually helps. I would tell you I don't need it-- that I would write anyway-- and yet it really was a boost.

Another AFFIRMation this week was a very nice review of my new book, THE BRIDGE TENDER-- 4 stars from Romantic Times! And this sweet review from a blogger who got an early copy. This one includes a recipe!

Listening To... As I write this I'm listening to Queen sing about Pressure, with a little help from David Bowie. Though I'm not feeling particularly pressured at this moment in time I can recall the feeling without much effort at all. (See today's quote, above)

Sharing Stories... I am reading The Wizard of Oz aloud to my 8yo daughter. We're both loving it. The book is different from the movie. For instance, Dorothy's shoes are silver, not red. The reason they went with red in the movie is because they showed up better on film. You heard it here first, or maybe everyone already knew this and I am just behind. Would not be the first time.

In The Kitchen... The other day I found a bag of over-ripe bananas marked down at the grocery to a mere 79 cents. I bought the bag, came home and baked three loaves of banana bread and a batch of chocolate chip banana bars. I felt super efficient and homemakerish.

Randomness... Susan Boyle's version of "Both Sides Now" is quite good. I never hear that song and don't think of Emma Thompson crying in her room in Love Actually.

Plans... This is my birthday week so we've got some celebrating to do! While I don't relish another year on my age, I do take any and every excuse to celebrate. And to slack off, shirk my responsibilities, etc.

Loveliness... I visited a unique jewelry store this weekend with my daughter, appreciating the creativity and beauty in each piece. As I have gotten further into the Artist's Way program, I have discovered the value in seeing creativity apart from just writing. I saw it in those pieces of jewelry-- in color, in texture, in pattern and design.

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Carol Baldwin said...

I didn't know about silver vs. red shoes. Thanks for the detail and have a great birthday week.