Monday, May 05, 2014

Intentional Mondays

Quote: "But when you sit down to write, sit down because you are a generous soul who wants to share what you see and feel, and you’re passionate about what you have to say and you can’t bottle it up any more. Or maybe you write to understand something about yourself, and that’s why you must go at it. But never sit down with the idea of wowing anyone—agents, editors or the public. The expectations will weigh your writing down and it will hit the page with a sickening thud."

If you are thinking of writing, or already immersed in it, pay attention to this wonderful advice from novelist Karin Gillespie. (Her post in the New York Times, "A Master's In Chick Lit" is worth reading if you have the time.)

Write Every Day... Staying on track with my writing. I've got about 12 more scenes to finish out the story. This week promises to be busy as I wrap up my substitute teaching and attend a brunch at the school for Mother's Day, but I still hope to make progress. Any increase in word count-- any venturing closer to "the end"-- counts as progress.

My One Word... AFFIRM. Spent Sunday morning pouring my heart out in my journal about how unworthy I felt for several reasons. Then went to church and heard one of those messages that sticks with you forever. This one was on mercy and how it triumphs over judgment. It's not about our worthiness, but God's relentless mercy. I needed the reminder... the AFFIRMation.

Listening To: "The Moment" by Toad the Wet Sprocket, a favorite band of mine from the 90's that has a new cd out. I love the whole cd, but this particular song has been on repeat play. It's just that good. Even better, they are coming to a locale near me just in time for my birthday, which just made my husband's question of what to do for me for my birthday so much easier, seeing as how David Gray has, as of yet, not announced tour dates anywhere in the southeast US. But I remain hopeful!

Sharing Stories... Starting to think through some possible read-alouds I could share with my kids this summer. So far I've got Wildwood and Fablehaven as potentials. Both are the first books in a series, so I am supposing that, if the books are good, we could read the series or they could branch out beyond the first on their own, whet their reading appetites so to speak. Other stand alone contenders are The Mostly True Story of Jack, Bigger Than A Breadbox, The Spy Catchers of Maple Hill, Pie, The One and Only Ivan, Escape From Mr Lemoncello's Library, Three Times Lucky, A Tangle of Knots, The Boundless or  The Apothecary. The qualifications are that the books have to appeal to boys and girls, and to a middle schooler and elementary schooler. Of course there are also old favorites like The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe, Danny The Champion of the World or From The Mixed Up Files of Mrs Basil E Frankwiler, and The Trumpet of the Swan are all good ones to revisit. There is no shortage of stories to share and that is a very good thing.

Randomness... I have started The Artists Way by Julia Cameron, thanks to a recommendation from a friend who is going through it for the umpteenth time. I was skeptical-- so skeptical-- to start it, but have found the two main components of the program (morning pages and artist's dates) to be very beneficial, creatively speaking. I plan to stick with it for the next 12 weeks. I'm sure I will be talking more about it here during that time. If you've ever wanted to do it, go for it! Summer seems like the perfect time to take it on.

In The Kitchen... spaghetti, roasted chicken, Italian baked chicken, grilled sausages served on rolls with spicy mustard... old stand-bys that are stand-bys for a reason: easy and delicious

Plans... Planning my last two journalism classes for the substituting I've been doing. Am thinking we might go light on my last day... Mostly because I'm running out of creative steam. But don't tell them that. My plan is to make them think it's because I'm super nice. :)

Loveliness... This weekend was sheer loveliness in our neck of the woods, weather-wise. After spending the weekend before in Aruba, I was doubtful I could enjoy a weekend in my boring ole hometown. But I soaked up the beautiful weather and relished the cloudless blue skies and mild yet warm temps. I went to a local park (my first artist's date!) and spent a lot of time on my deck. Loveliness abounded.

Photo of the week:

A date on our deck on a beautiful spring evening this weekend

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Pam said...

I'm always looking for read-aloud book suggestions for my boys in the summer. Thanks for the list!

Rebecca in SC said...

Love The Artist's Way. It was recommended to me several years ago by a Child Art Therapist. I found it at Goodwill for $1 and have put it to good use. The artist dates are one way I take care of myself each week.