Wednesday, May 07, 2014

A Photo Post

Thought I'd share some photos I've snapped lately-- and the stories behind them. Because there is always, always a story.
This is my miracle cake, found at the grocery store after returning home from Aruba late the night before and rushing headlong into a new day, which included a child's 12th bday. This child loves baseball, so finding this cake on the shelf, and on sale no less, felt like a little nudge from God: "I've got it all under control." That's what this birthday cake says to me. Bet you never knew cakes could talk, did you? This one does. Or did. It was devoured pretty quickly.

We went to take prom photos of my second son last weekend, which involved a lot of waiting around for kids to arrive and things to happen. Here are the two youngest kids waiting... with smiles. (The smiles were prompted by promises of dinner out after the photos were through.)

Handsome boy and lovely girl. Is there anything sweeter than a lot of young people all looking their best, gathered together in their finest duds while adoring parents and loved ones look on? I think not.

He loves me! (This was waiting for me on the sidewalk when I walked outside on Saturday as he was pressure washing.) After almost 23 years of marriage, the romance lives on.
I snapped this shot at the drive through at Chick Fil A. A good reminder for all of us.

I just love this photo. I think it should be on a greeting card or something.
I went on my first artist date this past weekend. (Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way 12 week program suggests this as a weekly event.) I took myself to a park and sat and enjoyed the lovely weather, just taking in the sights. The whole thing felt very AFFIRMing (my one word, anyone?) and serendipitous as I happened upon an art class going on at the park. I watched them for awhile and even snapped a few photos, hoping they didn't take me for some weird art stalker. I had my story all prepared just in case. But no one seemed to notice-- they were too intent on their own artistic pursuits.

Mama and Papa Goose came by with their three adorable goslings. Geese can be obnoxious but the goslings were just too cute. They're a bit hard to make out in this photo but they're there.

Yep, that's my foot. And that was my view. Like I said, it was restorative and relaxing and very creativity inducing. I can so see the benefits of engaging in this program and can't wait to see what the next weeks bring.

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Amy O'Quinn said...

I love the pics and the stories behind them! :) I read The Artist's Way years ago and even engaged in the habit of morning pages for some time. However, I got out of that habit when the last three of our six came along--just couldn't find the time or energy. I think I need to dig out my copy and have another go at it! You've inspired me! :)