Monday, March 31, 2014

Intentional Mondays

Quote: "Mothers shouldn't get sick." (Me)

Write Every Day... In spite of being plagued with the plague since last Wednesday, I have managed to get some writing done and am closing in on the halfway mark of this current manuscript. This feels good, though I have my concerns as to the quality of writing I've done while my brain has been (more) addled (than usual).

My One Word... AFFIRM. Can't seem to find a promise that everything will always go well and that I'll be healthy all the time or else I'd love for God to affirm that one! In the meantime I'm trying to rest and get well and trust that even in being sidelined there is a plan at work. Have I mentioned that I'm not good at being sidelined, or resting?

Listening To... the Billy Joel channel on Sirius XM. Love that they gave him his own channel, even if only for a limited time. Just heard Goodnight Saigon. What a powerful song.

Sharing Stories... Read (no, more like devoured) Chevy Stevens' forthcoming book THAT NIGHT about a young woman set free from prison for the crime of killing her sister. What really happened that night? Who really killed her sister? Now that she's out of prison, she's determined to clear her name and put her life back together, but a lot stands in her way. A true pageturner, this book comes out June 17 so put it on your summer reads list!

Randomness... being confined to bed is fun for about the first 12 hours. Then it gets real, real old.

In The Kitchen... My husband has really stepped in on the cooking front, running to the grocery store to pick up items and throwing together easy meals while I'm out of commission. So other than choose wisely who you marry, I have no kitchen advice this week.

Plans... my plans for this coming week? To get better!

Loveliness... would be 36 hours without fever. I've made it 24 hours, but can't seem to get past that.

Photo of the week:

I used to love my bed. Now we've spent too much time together it seems
and instead of a place I long for, it's a place I long to escape.
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