Monday, March 24, 2014

Intentional Mondays

Quote: "I love the outsets, despite the fear and uncertainty that attach to all beginnings... I have already begun a thousands lives this way." Rainer Maria Rilke

Write Every Day... Kept at it this week. Hit 30,000 words on this new project. Am loving the story so far and find I miss the characters when I can't be with them. This story has so much potential... now to live up to it.

My One Word... AFFIRM. Had a great conversation with the author of MY ONE WORD this week who AFFIRMed my one word. :) Good friends are hard to come by, and something to be grateful for.

Listening To... Heard "This Is Not America" by David Bowie and Pat Metheny this weekend on the 80s on 8 Top 40 countdown. This is why I love listening to the countdown-- you hear songs you don't usually hear. This song was featured in one of my favorite 80's movies, THE FALCON AND THE SNOWMAN, a dark drama about two young men who got pulled into espionage during the Cold War, based on a true story. As Alan Hunter pointed out, it's especially interesting to hear right now with Russia back in the news.

Sharing Stories... Finished GOLDEN by Jessi Kirby this past week and loved, loved, loved it. This YA novel combined a good message with an entertaining mystery that held my attention till the very end. If you love YA, or know someone who does, give this novel a try.

Randomness... I have to start eating better. Today kicks it off. I have an accountability partner who I am so grateful for that I think will make all the difference. We're going to hold each other's feet to the fire and make consistently better choices that will result in being ready for summer and-- gulp-- the pool and beach!

In The Kitchen... Let's not talk about the kitchen right now, ok?

Plans... This is a busy week. I have a doctor appointment, a dentist appointment, sub at my son's school twice and teach two story workshops, plus I intend to get my writing done every day as well. I'm also baking for and preparing a raffle basket of books for a neighborhood fund raiser for a dear neighbor recently diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease. These folks lived across the street from us for 8 years. If you would like to contribute, please do, or if you're in the Charlotte area and want some good bbq and a fun time, here's a link:
I'd love to see you there-- our whole family will be there!

Loveliness... The coming of spring and the ensuing lovely days were just what I needed this past week. Of course they're calling for some icky cold weather this week. Grrr...

Photo of the week:

Running under an impossibly blue sky on a gorgeous 73 degree day. Bliss.

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