Sunday, October 06, 2013

The Sunday Slowdown

Today was a slow Sunday for us. I like slow Sundays, as I've said before. I can't say I did much. Read. Journaled. Took some notes for a book idea. Wrote down some goals. So I guess I did do stuff. Just not physical labor. All that was yesterday when I frantically ran around making a meal for 2 couples who came over. I made two different types of soup: Pasta Fagioli and White Chili. I made so much that we were able to have soup for lunch and dinner today. I also made some yummy pumpkin crumb cake. It was a perfect fall meal and-- while the weather was a bit too hot to qualify as fall during the day yesterday-- it cooled down nicely once the sun set and we ended our evening outside on our deck, laughing and talking and-- I'm sure-- annoying our neighbors. (I took my neighbors some pumpkin crumb cake today just to stay in their good graces.) We were out there pretty late.

And now another week is beginning. It's a week I'm not near ready for. A week that involves getting some serious writing done and going on a trip. A week that involves my dearest friend in the world coming into town and figuring out how to spend at least some time with her because we never get to spend enough time together, seeing as how she lives 7 hours from me. I've hinted that she should move here but she has this thing about living near her family. Whatever.

Last week my focus was on decorating for fall and that took way more time (and effort) than it should've. But my house does look very fallish now. I'm quite happy with it and most happy about the fact that I decorate for fall (pumpkins, leaves, etc) not Halloween, so my decorations will carry us all the way through Thanksgiving. I hope to take some pics and get a post up about it this week. Because I do like for people to share in my happiness over finding the perfect sign for over my mantle or the delight that is doing something different with your dining room table. My family? They say things like "Oh, that's not what you did last year?" and "How much did that cost?"

I have a feeling you guys will "get it" better than they do. They mostly just want to know what's for dinner. And what's for dinner around here is SOUP. Because Lord knows we've got enough of it.
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