Tuesday, October 08, 2013

A Little Fallishness

Get it? Fallishness instead of foolishness? I think my husband would tell you that my fall decorating last week got out of control to the point that it turned into foolishness, so the term is fitting.

Check out those keys spelling out the word fall? On pumpkins? Too cute for a fall welcome on your front porch

So since I've not made the time to snap any pics of what I ended up with, I thought I'd share some sites that inspired me to decorate my house. If you stick with pumpkins and leaves and shy away from bats and jack-o-lanterns, you can make whatever you do in your house last all the way til Thanksgiving.

I like getting more bang for my buck.

Maybe you do too?

Here are some sites that inspired me:

Eleven Ways To Add Fall To Your Home:

22 Fall Mantel Projects:

Pumpkin Decorating Projects:

25 DIY Festive Fall Wreaths:

Cottage Home Fall Tour: (you better have some time on your hands!)

I hope they inspire you too!

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