Friday, August 30, 2013

A Summer Retrospect

It wasn't the summer we dreamed of. Mostly because it rained nearly every day. No one I know can remember such a rainy summer, ever. It was hard to stay entertained when most days were spent indoors. It was hard to miss out on our usual lazy days at the pool. And yet, as I prepared this retrospect, I realized it was still a pretty good summer. A summer that still feels, largely, unspent. But a summer that is, nevertheless, over as of this weekend. Sniff!

Here's how we spent it:
We spent as much time all together as possible, as we knew fall would see us in separate places. 

We made sundaes.

 We celebrated my new novel, The Wishing Tree, release. Haven't read it? There's still time! It's a beach read so it's great for those of us who want to hang onto the beach a bit longer.
We saw Fleetwood Mac in concert. (Thanks to my husband we were this close!) That's Lindsay and Stevie. I think we need a few more pics of this.

Lindsay playing guitar, which is something I think everyone should get to see. The guy is an amazing guitar player. At one point he was so close that, had I wanted his sweat to drip on me, I could've had that experience. I am a fan but... not that big a fan.

Stevie and Mick high fiving. It was Mick's 65th birthday that night and the whole crowd sang to him.
Lindsay taking a breather. I know. Close. It was a birthday gift I'll never forget.
Anyway, back to summer.

We read a lot (and obviously we ate junky cereal because, after all, that's what summer is for)

We swam on swim team, went to the banquet and got trophies!

We celebrated 4th of July at our community pool, as always.

We made watermelon smiles


We watched an impressive fireworks display with front row seats.

I even snuck in some writing.

We got our toes (and nails) done. Pretty toes are a summer essential.

We hung out at the pool whenever the sun peeked through the clouds. 

We acted silly with friends.

We took a family vacation-- one final hurrah. 

Because all too soon it was time for this.
I'm trying to get geared up for fall, trying to get in the mood to put out pumpkins and plan for the holidays and switch my sundresses and flip flops to jeans and boots. But my heart will always be in and for summer. No matter how old I get, I'll always be a summer girl.

And for those of you who love the Mac, here's a little bit of what I got to see that summer night. This also happens to be my all-time favorite FM song. I quoted it as the epigram for She Makes It Look Easy:

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Anonymous said...

Amen! I too am a summer girl and def a beach girl!!!!!!!!! :)