Friday, June 07, 2013

Summer Is Here!

Today is the last day I will pack lunches.

The last day I will wake sleeping children from a deep sleep. (They tell you not to do that with a baby-- why shouldn't it apply to children?)

The last day I will wake up myself.

The last day I will drive carpool.

The last day I will check emails from teachers.

The last day I will think about homework or projects.

Instead, bring on summer!

Bring on popsicles!

Bring on fireworks!

Bring on the beach!

Bring on the pool!

Bring on summer reading!

Bring on lazy days!

Bring on trips to the library!

Bring on no schedule!

Bring on peaches and tomatoes and blueberries!

Bring on vacations!

Bring on movies!

Bring on suntans and seashells and water guns and drippy ice cream cones!

Summer is officially arriving at our house today. And no one is happier about that than me.
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Anonymous said...

Hi Mary Beth,
Summer started for my kiddos last Friday and I was done with school on Wednesday. To celebrate I read The Wishing Tree yesterday! I loved it and will be letting my friends know that it's a great book. Thanks for writing!

Rebecca Ann

Anonymous said...

Have a great summer Marybeth!
Looking forward to reading your new book this summer.
Thanks for your blogs. I love reading them.