Sunday, June 09, 2013

Recapping The Week

So, last week was a whirlwind. I will try to recap it.

We had two swim meets. On school nights, which makes it even harder because they run late and the kids still have to get up the next morning.

I ran around like a crazy person trying to pull together teacher gifts. I will write this week about what I did for the kids' teachers, because it was fun and all the teachers seemed to like it.

My book launched. Thank you to everyone who posted reviews, tweeted about it, put it on your Facebook, sent me emails, or otherwise participated in helping get the word out about this book. You might think "What does it matter what I do?" Well I read recently that the secret to being a bestselling author is having 1000 committed readers/fans. That really doesn't sound like much, does it? If you helped in any way, I'm counting you among those 1000. I'm far from best selling status, but each person I add to that list helps me make another move towards it. It's not so much that I want to be a best seller, per se, but in a sell-or-die publishing climate, I'd like to sell... because the other alternative is just not appealing. And I am otherwise unemployable.

I finished my fifth novel, another Sunset Beach story with an inanimate object (a la The Mailbox, The Guest Book and The Wishing Tree) that connects two people. I'm excited about this one and had great fun with it. Lord willing it will be out next year this time. I'm not going to share the title yet, because there's a chance the publisher will change it. Don't want to confuse you but I can promise I will share more as soon as I can.

My kids had their last day of school. I posted about this on Friday. I am happy to be done for awhile. We are all looking forward to the break. This summer I hope to get a lot of reading done by the pool, get my tan on, and post here more regularly. I've got a whole list of posts I want to write, and sometimes coming up with the ideas is half the battle. Now just to find the time to write them all!

And finally, have you seen the huge giveaway we're doing at She Reads? Instead of choosing just one book for June, we've picked six "Can't Miss" summer novels. Enter for your chance to win all six books here. And even if you don't win, download these books or order them online or visit your local indie bookstore or reserve them at your local library. With so many good books coming out this summer, we should all include reading on our summer to-do list. I know my summer TBR list is long!

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