Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Morning Musings

Thoughts... (as always random and basically nonsensical)

I think that Brene Brown's book Daring Greatly will go in the top three nonfiction books (other than the Bible) I've ever read, ever. I listened to more than half of it on audio and then had to stop because it was too rich and deep and I wanted it on my lap, in my hands, with a pen ready to pause and underline and jot down personal thoughts in the margin. This is why I will always, always, always prefer print books to ebooks. And don't hand me that "you can make notes and underline on an ereader" bit because I've tried it on my own and it is NOT THE SAME. There is something tactile and sensory about the energy of a pen scratching across paper and no one will ever change my opinion about that. I'm one of those dinosaurs who will hang onto the paper book until someone pries it from my cold, dead hands.

Anyway... I digress. About Daring Greatly, you should read it. And let it sink in. And then start living the way she describes. I'd love to start a quiet revolution where everyone reads this book and starts living this way. Giving voice to shame and living in vulnerability are the key to freedom, I am more and more convinced. But it is hard and raw and uncomfortable and for that reason a lot of people avoid it vehemently. Even me, at times. And I know better, after reading the book. But I'm trying.

I'm also making a reading plan for the summer. Boy are there a lot of books I want to read! Thankfully summer is a time when we spend lots of time at our neighborhood pool and there's not much to do while the kids play besides read. (Not that I mind at all.) You can get some ideas for what's on my radar by checking out my Pinterest board called, appropriately, The Massive, Infinite TBR List. Maybe you'll get some ideas for what to tuck in your pool bag this summer. Of course, I'm hoping my new one  THE WISHING TREE will be included. (Shameless plug.)

Listened to the Top 40 Countdown from 1987 this weekend on Sirius while I did stuff around the house. (The VJ's from MTV have a new book out that I think will have to procure from the library asap.) 1985 is my favorite year for music from my favorite decade in music, but I have to say I was surprised by how much good stuff came out in 1987. I think that henceforth 1987 shall be my second favorite year in my favorite decade of music.

In honor of Mother's Day yesterday and the many hits from 1987, I am sharing this video from Janet Jackson and Herb Alpert, Diamonds:

Just as a disclaimer, I don't care for diamonds, or gifts of any kind actually. Just ask my husband, bless his heart. I admit I'm hard to buy for. He recently tried to buy me a new iphone and a new Mac computer. I said no to both, but thank you for asking. I am resistant to change and am of the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" mindset. This includes gifts.

And finally, I shall leave you with this disturbing image. This is just not ok. (Photo courtesy of this link: My apologies to this family, whoever you are.

I will be back later in the week with news of my upcoming book and a post about the habits I've instilled in my life that have actually been beneficial. Maybe the post will inspire someone.
Three posts in one week? I know.
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.....Elizabeth..... Polka Dot Skies said...

That photo is awful. Just plain awful.

I agree with you about books. My husband loves his kindle, but I will be a dinosaur with you. I will cherish my books (often in my favorite chair with a hot cup of coffee or tea) until the end!

Can't wait to read your new book!
Hope you had a very Happy Mother's Day,

Amy O'Quinn said...

Ewww...I agree. Not.Okay.

I was glad to see a couple of your posts showing up in my Bloglines feed, so I had to pop over to say hello.

1985 was the year I graduated from high school and began college, so I like the songs from that year too. They bring back a lot of memories of endings and beginnings for me.

Looking forward to another post this week. :)

Josey Bozzo said...

I am a child of the 80's and I love pretty much all the music from that time. But particularly 85-89 because that was when I was in high school.
And I am with you about real books. I have a Kindle and I like it for the convenience, but I will always love real books best.
Oh, and the Iphone thing to! My husband has been wanting to get me one, but I keep saying no. Although I did give in and let him get me a new car recently because he insisted.

Looking forward to your new book