Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Coming Soon: The Wishing Tree

In less than a month, my new book, THE WISHING TREE, will be out. I'm hoping folks will buy it, and like it. This one's a bit different than THE MAILBOX and THE GUEST BOOK (my other Sunset Beach novels) in that the love story doesn't take center stage (though it's definitely there).

Instead this one is about a woman in crisis regarding her family, her marriage, her past choices, and all that plays into her current state of affairs. It's much more women's fictiony, a word I just made up. Using the framework of the wishing tree (a Dutch tradition that involves putting a wishing tree out at the reception for guests to hang their wishes for the couple on), I was able to address the theme of the wishes we go into marriage with versus the realities we find once we get there.

And all the married ladies say amen.

For those of you who liked SHE MAKES IT LOOK EASY, this one is more along those lines as far as it's deeper and goes into more issues that women are facing than the light and fluffy fun summer romance feel of my other two Sunset Beach books. I hope I blended the two (women's issues and summer romance). That was my intent. I know some people are not going to like the book, the ending, the situation, etc. I've already had my crisis about that and-- I hope-- come to terms with it. I've decided I did the best I could and wrote the book I had to write. Y'all help me remember that later. Ok?

With that in mind, let me just say that this book is a good one for book clubs because it's going to spark discussion. Does the main character make the right choice? What could she have done differently in the past? In the present? What would YOU have done? That part-- the idea of women debating and discussing these issues because of a story I wrote while balancing my laptop in my lap in my house-- excites me no matter what the response. If you have a book club in your neighborhood, church, or community, please keep it in mind. Maybe this post will be your impetus to start one!

Today I'm sharing the trailer with you guys, to whet your appetite and hopefully inspire you to put THE WISHING TREE on your radar for June 4th.

I hope you'll email me after you finish it and let me know what you thought. As long as you're only going to say good stuff. Just kidding. Kinda. Launching a book is like sending your child off to college. You know you've done your best. You know you've made mistakes. You hope people are nice and kind. You know you can't control what happens out there and all you can do is hope for the best, and trust that God's purposes prevail. Writing-- no matter how many books you've written-- is not for the faint of heart. And launching a new book brings all that to the surface. Every. Time.

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Heather said...

Can't wait to read this one! I can also check w/ my editor to see if I can review it for The Christian Manifesto, if you'd like.

Arlene Grimm said...

Looking forward to this one Marybeth...She Makes it Look So Easy is my favorite of your novels!!

amy said...

I got chills!!!! Wish I had it today to sit outside in the sun and "get lost" ...having one of those challenging mom moments today...ok maybe all dang week is more like it....

Anonymous said...

I hope to see you at the SC Book Festival this weekend.

Phyllis Nichols Gutierrez

Anonymous said...

Love your books! I have had the wishing tree preordered for some time. Can't wait!