Friday, February 15, 2013

The Friday Post

Can I be frank? This week has sucked. Last week was not much better. While I enjoyed seeing Safe Haven with my daughter and putting on our Valentine's Day dinner, I was also unsuccessfully fighting off a cold and dealing with some other family health issues that just overall sucked the joy out of it.

I was supposed to be at the Grove Park in Asheville NC tonight enjoying a brief getaway with my husband but alas I am home taking care of children who needed me. And I'm now officially sick too.

I did get a much-needed haircut, so that was good. It's now four inches shorter. Everyone in my family agrees it looks better. This is either true or they're just being nice.

Today I have a post running over at Peanut Butter on the Keyboard you might want to check out. Since their focus is managing motherhood and work, I decided to write about my proclivity towards lists of all kinds because lists help me get stuff accomplished. I hope you enjoy it.

Well I'm off to take down my Valentine's Day decorations and put up my St Pat's stuff. And feed my kids who are home from school from now til next Wednesday. And get to the grocery store. And then lay down and do as little as possible. And pray next week is better.
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Kristi Butler said...

Hugs to you and prayers for you!

Kathy Fletcher said...

Disappointments are tough. I am praying for you as you get through this rough patch. It is hard for you to see now that one day they will all fly away, and your life will change for better - or worse, if you know what I mean. I am praying for you and the health issues that you alluded to in your blog. I am also praying that God will surprise you with something wonderful to make you forget this week's and last week's frustrations. You are loved!

Anonymous said...

Praying you get some needed rest and over come the illness that is plaguing your house.
Thank you for your blog and your honesty. I am a follower but do not comment often.

Cheryl A

Pam said...

Oh, Marybeth, it's no fun when sickness butts in on our plans : ( Maybe your getaway with your love can be postponed? I do hope you and all who are sick get to feeling better soon. Maybe all that St. Patrick's decorating will have you smiling in no time : ) Try to enjoy your weekend anyway.