Monday, October 29, 2012

I Am...

Going on a little family field trip today as the kids have off school. We're spending the day touring Windy Hill Orchards, coming home with pumpkins to carve, and having dinner out. Curt has even taken the day off!

Drinking more water these days ever since I read this in the most recent issue of Writer's Digest: "The brain operates on water, and becomes inefficient when it runs low. The optimal intake depends on your size, so instead of following the oft-suggested guidelines of 6-8 glasses per day, divide your body weight in half, and drink that many ounces daily." (p.27, Nov/Dec issue)

Preparing for NaNoWriMo. See my Twitter feed in the sidebar to find a great article I tweeted about last week called "How To Write A Novel In A Month." I liked the suggestions to write down a few notes the night before about what you plan to write the next day and also having a little NaNo nightcap of getting down just 200 more words before turning in for bed. I am going to try both!

Working hard on the story I plan to write next and on She Reads. Last week I made the tough decision to leave Southern Belle View. I look foward to seeing who they replace me with. I know whoever she is will be wonderful. I loved being with them but with Curt's work schedule and my family needs, there's only so much other stuff I can do. Sometimes living your priorities means taking things off your plate. Easy to say, hard to do.

Enjoying the colors of fall as I run down my neighborhood streets. Some days the wind blows just hard enough that it looks like a leaf storm as they fall from the trees as I go by. I will miss the leaves when they are gone.

Eating what I call "Mediterranean style." Lots of fresh salsa and kalamata olives and roasted meat and olive oil and fruit. Not sure any of it's especially good for the ole diet but it sure tastes good. I'm still managing to avoid bread and sweets, so that's good.

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