Tuesday, September 04, 2012

I Am...

...Packing a lot into this short week. Edits for the book that comes out next summer are due Friday and I leave Friday for the Southern Independent Booksellers Association trade show in Naples, FL.

... Looking forward to SIBA. A confirmed book nerd, it is one of the highlights of my year. It gives me time with other writers and time to interact with booksellers, not to mention good planning time with the other "Belles" from Southern Belle View. I'll try to post pics next week once I get my feet back under me.

... Starting a Bible study this week. I've been out of CBS for a few years but made the much-debated decision to recommit. After doing some informal studies in small groups and doing my own thing at home, I feel the need to get back into a community. What better than Community Bible Study? We'll be studying Ephesians and Hebrews this year-- two books I've never studied and am excited about digging into.

... Still thinking about a movie we watched this weekend: "We Need To Talk About Kevin." It was dark and disturbing and definitely not light and heartwarming... and even a bit slow as some indie movies can be. But I'm still mulling over the questions the movie raised and thinking about the characters as if they were real-- a sign of a good story. I may not have enjoyed the movie, per se, but I was definitely challenged by it.

...Trying to make a meal plan for this week after I cook the last meal left in the house tonight. Last time I scheduled two weeks' worth of meals and bought all the food at once and it was nice to not think about it again. Now I'm out of inspiration so I'm getting on Pinterest and combing through my collection of clipped recipes to discover some good stuff to eat!

... Looking forward to seeing The Words tonight at a sneak preview with my husband. I've not looked forward to many movies this year, but this one seems right up my alley. A writer as the main character AND a love story?? Yes, please! I'll review it here on Thursday and let you know if it's worth seeing.

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Zibilee said...

I am so looking forward to seeing you ad SIBA! I haven't had time to connect with anyone due to some personal stuff, but this will be a great time to get together with everyone and see each other.

And Kevin was even more disturbing in book form. I can say that it's the only book that has ever truly scared me. I was so stunned and upended by that book. Even now thinking about it just makes me feel really uncomfortable.

RKH said...

I read the book, WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN, and then watched the movie. The movie left a lot of connecting moments out and was rather disjointed. That said, I found it to be an interesting study in adult and child behavior. Since it's told from the mother's pov, I questioned the reliability of the narrator. Reading the book made me think a lot about child abuse and how it starts -- post partum depression? The narrator's own back story of seeming abandonment? There's a lot to think and talk about with WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN. Why,yes, yes we do need to talk about it.

Kristi Butler said...

I'm praying that your trip is great!

Just had to let you know...finished The Guest Book last night. Spent delicious hours buried in the book a good part of the day!! Loved, loved, loved it!!