Thursday, August 02, 2012

I'm Back

So I read on the calendar that it's August. But it can't be. Didn't summer just start? Shouldn't we be still diving in (pun intended) to long lazy days filled with sun and surf? I can't stand the back to school commercials and aisles filled with backpacks and glue sticks and spiral bound notebooks. Give me more summer!

But time marches on, and the calendar seems to be intent in getting us to that day lurking towards the end of this month. The day where I'll once more be tied to rising earlier than any of us likes, driving carpool, keeping up with emails and assignments, and-- shudder-- packing school lunches again. My two oldest will head to college. (Seriously? I can't have TWO in college!) My third will be the only one in high school this year. My fourth will be in the middle of middle school. My fifth will be in his last year of elementary school (how is that possible?) and my baby (sniff!) will be in the first grade. The other day I asked her if she'd please pretty please consider staying six with her two front teeth missing forever. She said sure. But alas her birthday also lurks at the end of this month. Her teeth might be missing a bit longer, but she won't stay six.

The beginning of August means I'm back from my blogging break. I'm glad that I took the break and focused on my family. I've had some memorable moments hanging out with my kids. I love talking with my older three and hearing what's going on in their lives. I love how hard they make me laugh, how much they challenge me to think, and how many things they introduce me to that I wouldn't know otherwise. I had a moment of awe this summer where I totally grasped what very cool people I have the privilege of raising and launching into the world.

Some of you probably already have kids back in school. Some of you are happy about it. Me? I could use a few more months of this suspended reality we call summer. Any time I can flee reality is a good time for me. I guess that's why I'm a fiction writer.
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Pam said...

And help me flee reality with your wonderful fiction books, you do! I'm with you, Marybeth, I don't want summer to end just yet. We homeschool, so I have the privilege of waiting a bit longer than most to begin. With my first heading off to a college campus in just two weeks (just two weeks!!!!) I'm giving myself a little more time to settle into the "new" for him and for me : ) I've missed you here at this little space and am glad you're back. Wish you were close enough to come enjoy an evening talking with me while sitting in my front porch rockers as we listen to the cicadas sing and watch the sun set ~ ahh, I really do love these lazy days of summer!

Anonymous said...

Like you, I'm mourning the end of summer...before it even gets here. But my older daughter starts volleyball practice 5 nights a week on Monday and my younger daughter starts cheerleading 2 nights a week on Tuesday. They will be back at school even if they aren't in class yet. So sad!!!