Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Taking A Break

I'm letting you all know that I'm going to be gone from here for a few weeks. I plan to return sometime in August. Between book promotion-type events and family vacation and our anniversary and 3 kids' birthdays, and the coming edits for my next book, and just the increased family time that comes with my kids being home from school, I've got to shift my focus a bit.
I'm not leaving entirely. I'll just be found elsewhere. Because The Guest Book is the She Reads July selection, I'm posting over there regularly. And I'll still be showing up each Wednesday over at Southern Belle View. And I will continue to tweet and post on Facebook. My Twitter feeds show up in the sidebar here, or you can just hop over there and follow me. And I'm sure I'll be posting stuff on Pinterest, because I just love finding neat stuff on there and sharing it. I just reorganized all my recipes into categories because a board called "Food" just wasn't getting it anymore.
Wherever you are, whatever you do, I hope you're enjoying your summer. I'll see you back here in a bit, ready to talk about-- sigh-- school starting. I can hardly bear to say it, I love summer so.
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Anonymous said...

Love your books, I esp would like to read The Guest Book!

jen said...

Would love to read The Guest Book! Looks like a great summer read!