Tuesday, July 03, 2012

You Can Help Spread The Word!

The Guest Book releases today officially!

As always, I need your help to spread the word about this book. I'm still relatively new in the fiction world, so you guys talking about the book is more helpful than you know.

In the past I've posted this comprehensive list of things you can do in your neck of the woods to help make The Guest Book a success. I know some of you won't feel inspired to do any of these things. But some of you will, and that is what makes all the difference. You never know how that one little thing you do will ripple outwards and lead to. Truly. I've been amazed at the things that have happened just because someone I knew dared to talk about my books to someone else. That's why word of mouth is so powerful and why I value you guys so much.

This list was written by Deb Raney, a successful novelist who's written some great books you might want to check out. I am so thankful to her for creating this and making it available.

•Write a review for the book on online bookstores such as:

•Write a review at one of the many online book review sites, including:

•As soon as you start reading the book, post a comment and/or link to your facebook profile page, or send a tweet on Twitter letting friends and followers know you're reading (and enjoying!) the book.

•At you can recommend books via an e-mail link that will take your friends right to the page of the book you’re promoting.

•Recommend the book as a featured title for an area book discussion group (or start your own bookclub!). This is especially appropriate if the book has discussion questions in the back.

•Start a discussion about the book on your blog or on e-mail loops you’re a part of.

•If you have a website or write a newsletter, consider featuring novels you’ve read and enjoyed.

•Add the book to your list of favorites on myspace, facebook, shoutlife, or other online communities.

•After reading and reviewing the book, give it away as a prize in a drawing on your website or blog.

•If you have a unique perspective—for instance, personal experience with the book’s topic, a man offering a male perspective for a women’s fiction book, etc.—offer your insights in venues that might not ordinarily hear about the book.

•Donate your influencer copy to your public library or church library when you’re finished reading it. Better yet, share your copy in other ways and buy a second copy for the library.

•Print out a review you’ve written, or other reviews of the book and give them to your public or church librarians for consideration.

•Offer to distribute bookmarks and/or postcards for the author or publisher. Public libraries, church libraries, bookstores and gift shops are usually happy to have giveaways on their counters.

•Ask your church if you could tuck postcards or bookmarks in the morning service bulletin some Sunday.

•Place bookmarks or postcards about the book at each place setting as favors for a luncheon or banquet.

•Hang out in your local bookstore and “hand sell” the book by talking it up to customers shopping in the fiction department.

•Talk to the clerks in any bookstores and libraries you visit and ask if they carry the book. If not give them a short book report and recommend they order a few copies.

•When visiting bookstores, do a little creative rearranging to turn the book face out on the shelves. Use good judgment and don’t hide one book to promote another. Also keep in mind that in some stores front-table space is paid for by the publisher, so don’t “steal.”

•Offer to write a book review for your church newsletter, neighborhood newspaper or any other printed source that might reach readers.

•At your next women’s retreat, volunteer to organize a book table, where you will feature the book.

•Offer to organize a blog tour for the author, setting up a week when numerous blogs will feature the book and interviews with the author.

•When you’re finished with the book, tuck it into a gift basket for someone who is ill or in the hospital; or take it to your next dinner party as a hostess gift.

•Leave the book in a waiting room where someone with a few extra minutes might start reading it.

•Prison ministries are always looking for wholesome books to distribute. Check out groups like Prison Book Project.

•Word-of-mouth is still probably the number one way books hit bestseller lists, so simply start conversations about the book. Tell your friends and family what you’ve been reading and why you enjoyed it so much.

•Drop leaflets as you parachute out of a plane.
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Arlene Grimm said...

Congrats on the release of your novel Marybeth. I know it is an exciting day for you!! I look forward to reading and spreading the word!

Anonymous said...

A Big Congratulations!! I can not wait to read it!! I read your Mailbox and LOVED it :) I called my local Family Christian Book store last week and asked would they be getting it in and the young lady said to me after she saw which book I was asking about and said, "I know this book, the author came in and talked to us and gave some of those books to us"!!!! My mouth dropped :) lol.... I was like, when? I said to her, I'll buy your copy!! haha!! So my hope is that they will have it and i get to get it today!!! fingers crossed.......

Shelly said...

Congratulations Marybeth! I am excited to start reading the book and promoting it. This list has a lot of great ideas! Where/how can I get posters/postcards/bookmarks to distribute to my Wednesday Morning Bible Study Girls and advertise within my church? I have invited several people to join us on She Reads in July and hope to get some good discussions going.

So excited for your 3rd novel!

Zibilee said...

I am so excited about this book, and can't wait to read it! I will be grabbing it as soon as it hits the shelves, and will review it when I can. I am so thrilled that it is finally going to become available! What a great news today! I plan to help promote the heck out of this book, and can't wait to read it! Lots of love and support from over here, my friend!

Kristi Butler said...

Congratulations!! Can't wait to get my copy!!!

Lisa said...

Congratulations! I am hitting my local bookstore later today! I usually have to buy books in multiples of 3, so they better have it! I will be leaving my review on the usual book websites and blog, and will let you know when!

Congrats again!


Tiffany Lingg said...

Congratulations on the new book! I pre-ordered it from amazon for my kindle and was so excited when it downloaded. And in perfect timing too as I was just finishing up a book. I have read your other two books - and LOVED them! "The Guest Book" did not disappoint. It was so good!! I have already posted on my facebook about it and will be happy to go to the other sites you listed and write a review.

Lisa said...

Ummm, I probably will not be dropping anything as I parachute out of a plane. Because I won't be parachuting out of a plane! =-)

cyndi said...

Just finished The Guest Book, LOVED it! So, enjoyed falling into Macy's life and my mother is single (which helped me to be begin praying about being open to God bringing someone into her life.)
I'm sad because I've finishedit he book & Enjoyed it as much as the Mailbox and She Makes It Look Easy. I've told everybody I know to read the last two and now I'm telling them to read The Guest Book.
Blessings to you and look forward to many more books!

JoEllen said...

This looks like a great book!