Friday, June 29, 2012

Some Quotes From Praying For Strangers

Wanted to share some of those "underlinable" quotes from River Jordan's book, Praying For Strangers:

How often are we touched by the sincerity of someone asking and really wanting to know exactly how we are? I think it's a rare occurrence, even with spouses and family and the closest of friends. The flipside of the coin, of course, is how often are we asking the people closest to us how they are and really taking the time to listen?

But one thing stands true in my heart-- a gift I think from birth. I believe. In the innermost core of my being, I believe there is a great, mighty, and benevolent God who hears my prayer.

What if that's just the way things were meant to work? That strangers could bear us strange gifts, gifts that might remain unopened if we never make contact with one another. What if the unseen things, the wonder, advice, leading we needed was just out of reach, resting in the palm of a stranger's hand, waiting for us to touch them?

I don't know what I'm doing at all. Except for this-- this praying thing. I continue doing this day after day. And I keep changing. From the inside out.
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Zibilee said...

This book changed my life, Marybeth. It really made me change the way I think about people, and it's one that I want to have on hand at all times to dip in and out of. An intense book for sure, but in the very best way.

Lisa said...

Another book for my to read list- Thanks!