Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Story

I'm in the homestretch of my 4th novel, days away of submitting it to my editor.

But I'm working on another novel too. I can't help it. It just starts happening. This one started over spring break. These new characters started talking, insisting on being heard, refusing to go away until I paid them some attention. From there I started thinking of elements to this new story that, though random sounding, make sense. Or don't. And when they don't, I toss them aside, and wait for a new idea, trusting the next one will be better. It is a pretty amazing process to be a part of. It feels... divine.

Today as I scrubbed floors and emptied the dishwasher, the characters were chattering away in my head, whole dialogues playing out so fast I knew I couldn't get them down. And besides, my hands were tied up doing other things. I just had to trust that what was happening was part of the process. And that what I needed would be there when it was time.

But it's not time yet. I've got another book to finish. And in the meantime, I will let the story unspool and the characters keep talking, work being done even when it seems like I'm standing still.
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Zibilee said...

This is so wonderful! I am glad to hear it, and can't wait to read it. Go Marybeth!

amy said...

Fabulous...voices in your head! Yeah