Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Break!

Today I leave for the UCF Book Fest in Orlando Florida. I got to go to this event last year and it was one of my favorites I've ever done, so I am psyched to be returning. Can't wait to see old friends and make some new ones. The author lineup there is wonderful, so if you live nearby, come out! The event is free and they offer great stuff for your kids, too! Last year I got my picture made with a Stormtrooper and the smallest pony I've ever seen. That's not something you get to do every day.
When I get back, I'll unpack and repack for a few days at Ocean Isle Beach, where my Uncle Bob and Aunt Frances have a house they've graciously allowed us to come visit. We'll spend most of the week down there, where I'll do some research for my newest Sunset Beach novel, meet with some folks about possible events to promote the novel that releases this summer, and hopefully head over to Wilmington to visit my friend Rachel Olsen and her family. And of course we plan to take many, many walks on the beach.

All in all, it'll be a fun time, and a nice break from the reality of our fast-paced lives of late.
For this reason, I'm taking next week off from posting. I'll return the following week with pictures from our trip and I'm sure something new I've discovered. Whatever you do between now and then, Happy Easter!
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Zibilee said...

I am so looking forward to seeing you there! It's been awhile, and I am sure there is much to share. Hope your trip here is safe!

Kat said...

I'd be more impressed if the Stormtrooper were riding the smallest pony, BUT I'm still intrigued and think you should post such photos if you get more this year. Have fun!!

Van said...

Hi Marybeth- good to see you in church this AM. Wish it hadn't been so crowded 'cuz I would have loved to chat. Very good looking family, by the way!