Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Love A Good Love Story

Now everyone dreams of a love lasting and true
Bruce Springsteen

Whether it's The Vow or Valentine's Day (which was a stupid movie that I made my poor husband sit through), Notting Hill or The Notebook, I love a good love story. When Harry Met Sally or You've Got Mail or Sleepless In Seattle or... you fill in the blank, I can lose myself in a love story. I get so excited when a new one comes out. These stories totally fuel my creativity and send me home ready to churn out some love stories of my own, which is always a good thing.

So I'm looking forward to the newest Nicholas Sparks movie-- The Lucky One, which comes out in April. I'm hoping Zac Efron comes off as a leading man and I can put the image of him dancing around in High School Musical out of my head.

Here's a summary of the story, and a link for the trailer:

U.S. Marine Sergeant Logan Thibault (Efron) returns from his third tour of duty in Iraq, with the one thing he credits with keeping him alive—a photograph he found of a woman he doesn’t even know. Learning her name is Beth (Schilling) and where she lives, he shows up at her door, and ends up taking a job at her family-run local kennel. Despite her initial mistrust and the complications in her life, a romance develops between them, giving Logan hope that Beth could be much more than his good luck charm.
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