Monday, February 20, 2012

Pens With Eyes

Just a quote I've been thinking about: "There are eyes in pencils and in pens." John Piper

Recently as I was adding to my list of 1000 gifts, I wrote this as one of them: "writing my way to the answer." The pen saw the answer before I did, the words coming out of it before I knew they were there. It is a miraculous thing when I sit down to journal my way to the truth, even when the truth seems far from me, and I arrive at it. Sometimes I can't name the weight sitting on my chest, but the pen can. And after it sees it for me, I sit and stare at the words on the page. "Oh," I think. "Oh yes."

If you don't journal you might want to try it. Incorporate it into your quiet time each morning, writing your way to the truth of God's love for you, His plan for you, what He's trying to say in your life. Let the pen show you what it sees. I guarantee at times it will totally surprise you.

The pen pictured is my current favorite-- a Uni Ball Vision Elite. Love the way the ink flows from this pen like water spilling over the edge of one of those infinity pools. Come to think of it, I should probably add that pen to my 1000 gifts list.
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sarah elizabeth said...

I feel as if I can only ever write myself into knowing apparent truths. For as long as I can remember I've always found what God has been teaching me...speaking even...through placing pen to paper and just letting go. Though I've never really been a journaler per se, okay not really at all, it might just be worth it for me to give it a shot. I really love the idea of having a personal journal (not just a blog) for myself where I alone could seek God's truth through the words He gives me to pen.

Jess said...

I love this post! Such "food" for thought. Thinking about all the journals I've attempted to keep...filling only a couple of pages in each. Maybe GOD is trying to teach me things that I am procrastinating about...hmmm.

Jodie said...

Girl... Uniballs are my favorite! I love how writers love our pens... and or journals. Sometimes, when I can't seem to get the prayer out, my journal is the only way.