Monday, January 30, 2012

There's Time

This week I got an email that sent me into a tizzy about a deadline I thought I had. I ran around in a panic for a day, thinking to myself "There's just not time! There's just not time!"

The next day I got an email that reassured me. I'd misunderstood the expectation and discovered that there was, indeed, enough time to do what I needed to do. Panic wasn't necessary. And I'd wasted time on my tizzy. See the irony? I did.

As I processed all of this, I wondered why I never seem to trust that there will be enough time to get things done. Why I stress and worry and lament about my to-do list. As I processed things, this simple phrase echoed in my mind: There's time.

There's time to do the things we're supposed to do. Whether our calendar magically opens up to allow for extra time, or a friend takes our kids unexpectedly, or the deadline gets extended, or the work just simply goes faster than we thought it would, things get done. There's time. Yet I tend to live like there's no time, like I can't trust God to provide exactly the time I need-- Him who lives outside our time, who is unaffected by my crazed scrambling and hand wringing.

"Don't you trust Me by now?" He asks.

So today instead of saying "There's no time!" I'm going to listen to that quiet echo within reassuring me that, yes, there is. I can trust Him to provide my needs.

There's time.

There's money.

There's answers.

There's resources.

There's words.

I just have to ask, and trust, and wait in expectation.
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Anonymous said...

I really needed this today. My mom is having a health crisis and I'm the sandwich-generation caretaker. I need to trust that God will give the time, resources, etc to take care of this, of her, of me.

JottinMama said...

Such a good and timely word for me this week :)

Thanks, Marytbeth.

Enjoy your week - rest in His care - wait in expectation :)

Blessings to you,
Kate :)

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

I struggle with this as well. I know that He will take care of me and if I make time for Him even though I don't think I have enough, He will make sure I have the time I need during the day to get everything done.

Anonymous said...

God knew I would need this today. Thanks for being a willing vessel. :)


Marianne said...

Thank you for sharing, Mary Beth.

Pam said...

Trust God to provide the time I need. Somehow in all this trusting I've been doing, I've never applied it to my time. HE is indeed the creator of time, so why not trust HIM to provide it. I'm going to ponder this for a while . . . .