Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A One Stack House

Today I wanted to share a quick organizing tip I hit on by accident: Have a one stack house.

What do I mean by that? Glad you asked!

A one stack house means that instead of having a stack of papers in the kitchen, the dining room, your bedroom, the office, and anywhere else that papers tend to collect, consolidate the various stacks into one stack. Literally go around and pick up the stacks-- and make just one.

Then designate a place for that one stack. For me it is my dresser. When the stack starts getting too high, that means it's time to weed it out. About once a week I go through my one stack and make piles of things to be filed, things to be dealt with immediately, and things to throw away. In doing this I stay (somewhat) organized.

I'm not sure why having just one stack makes it easier-- but it has for me. If everything is just in one place then it makes things feel more simple, more streamlined. Try it and see if it helps you!
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Zibilee said...

I think I have about 70 stacks! If I were to put them all together, the pile would reach the roof! I need to do some organizing and get it down to one stack!

Brenda said...

That's a great idea! I have smaller stacks throughout the day and then move them around to whatever room I need them. I do go through my piles once a week, though. It would be easier to just have one stack.

Marianne said...

Sounds like a super idea, MaryBeth. Thanks