Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday Thought: Your Past Does Not Determine Your Future

This meant a lot to me when I read it. I hope it means a lot to some of you, too:

Your Past Does Not Determine Your Future

“Isn’t that the carpenters son? “Did she not have five husbands?” “Did we not catch her in the act of adultery?” Wasn’t that man a drug addict?” God is a redeemer to the rejected of this world, a restorer of all that has been lost, and a bridge to all that can be gained through Him. What is your story? Everybody has a story, but in the hands of our God, your previous story matters very little. Your past does not determine your future, and our God can make the end of any matter greater than the beginning.

Have you been letting your past story be a hindrance to your future?
Will you let go of your past and embrace tomorrow in the freedom you have in Christ?

You are not alone, and the Lord will never leave you nor forsake you. Go forward in the power and assurance of your God.

(Source: Robert Ricciardelli
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Zibilee said...

Oh boy, if I had to live the life of my past forever, well that would be horrible! It is nice to know that the saving grace of God allows you to leave your past behind forever and to move onwards to wholeness and salvation. An important message to remember. Thanks for reminding me of that today!

JottinMama said...

Also, this is such an important reminder to let go of other people's past...spouses,etc. So good.

Lord let us all see ourselves and others the way you do.

Thanks Marybeth. Have a lovely day.

- Katie :)

Kim said...

AMEN sister!!! Thank you Jesus that our past does NOT determine our future...God is SO good!!!

Rebecca in SC said...

Hallelujah! I would have been a goner a long time ago. Redemption is seeing the past through God's eyes and allowing Him to use it to make me a better person in Him.
Jeremiah 29:11