Friday, August 05, 2011

The August Challenge: Fourth Question

This week we've been asking ourselves questions about how we want to be in ten years. I hope these questions have made you think about yourself, your marriage, your family, your goals, etc. I am a big believer in intentional living. And this August challenge will hopefully help all of us to be more intentional as it gets us thinking. I am taking the challenge right along with you!

Here's the final question for this week. Don't forget to come back next week as we continue the challenge!

What do you want your family to look like in ten years?
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Joyful said...

Hey Marybeth, thanks for directing my thoughts this past week towards the next decade. God used your questions not so much to set goals, but to surrender goals. As I spent time daily letting your questions stir my heart, for me the Lord sent a different message. Although I see great value in intentional living, for me the lesson God wanted me to learn was one of intentional letting-go and trusting in His plans for my future...plans that are immeasureably more than I can ask or imagine. Thank you for being used to encourage me to place my future in His Hands and just walk day by day with Him.

Looking forward to being back next week to see your questions.
PS. I wrote an overal post here to share my thoughts from this weeks challenge:

Marybeth said...

Joy I love this! Thanks so much for sharing how it had the opposite effect of what you expected. That's so like God-- to deal with us in ways that surprise us and yet bring us joy. We are not in control of the next ten years, but He is. I am glad I can't see what's coming, but I am also glad I can at least live with an eye towards it and work at striking that balance.

Kathy said...

Pondering the next ten years is a daunting task but then I realized it is a daily manner to just walk day by day in His presence, worshiping Him in all I say and do. I feel compelled to write a book and have an outline and it could take ten years to get this done. Maybe this is an objective to pursue.

Theresa said...

I love this. I hope to post some ideas soon! Thinking about where I have come and where I am going. Helps to set priorities too! If I want that in my life in ten years, what should I be doing NOW!

Bonita said...

I want my family to be bigger- but not from more children being birthed from this body! haha

I hope to have grandchildren, but I'd also like to have a lot of people in life who consider themselves to be part of our family even if we aren't flesh and blood. I want to see our hearts opened more and our borders expanded.

Bonita said...

P.S. Love what Joy said!