Monday, August 08, 2011

August Challenge: Fifth Question

What 3 things would you change about your life right now if you could? Why?

(To find out what the August Challenge is, scroll back to the August 1st post!)
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Alycia Morales said...


I am totally enjoying answering all of the questions you're posting. Thanks for the fun goal-setting and reflection!

I wouldn't change anything about my life right now. I love all that God has done and is doing in my life. My husband is wonderful, and our relationship grows stronger with each passing day. My children are an incredible blessing. Our quiver is full. Ministry is challenging, and we grow more in Christ in each moment. Writing is fun, and I'm watching God move in my career.

I guess if I could change one thing, I'd be out of debt already. But we're making small but progressive steps toward that, too. So...

I love life and all its God-given fullness! :)

Bonita said...

Okay, my answer is going to sound really lame and selfish, but I'm just keeping it real.

1- I'd love to have my son home with me right now or at least closer to home. I took him back to college this past weekend for his sophomore year- five hours away from home. It was ten times harder than it was leaving him there for his freshman year. This stage of letting go has been the hardest stage of parenting that I've hit yet.

2- I'd move to a different house, possibly even a different city or state. I've been wanting to move for years. This is the house we could afford years ago when our kids were small, but I've never lived in a house that I picked out and truly loved. I'd like to have that experience. Not to mention, as my kids are getting older and going away to college and such, this house is chock full of all the memories of their growing up years. While that should be comforting, it isn't. I'm ready for some positive change of my own.

3- I'm in the market for some new friends- real ones.

Kathy said...

One thing I would change would be my tendency to procrastinate on doing what I love. These things would be carving out time to write that book that lurks in my mind, write thoughts into poems and jump into my scrapbooking to record the photos and thoughts of my grandchildren.

What holds me back is the daily cleaning chores, TV and my sluggish body. I am praying in earnest that the Lord would give me self-control in my eating and use of time.