Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Top Ten Reasons I Am Taking A Blogging Sabbatical

I will finish out this week with regularly scheduled posts but will be on a month-long blogging break starting next week. Here are ten thoughts on why I am doing this:

1. It's summer and I want to spend time with my family.

2. I just went through a whirlwind time of writing, editing and releasing a novel and I need a break from thinking at all. That includes blog posts.

3. We are going on vacation and my kids are doing some camps and we have She Speaks in July. That will take up a lot of my time during that month. Not having to think about blog posts will be a relief.

4. I am also taking a cooking sabbatical during the month of July. Ok, I'll be honest. During the whole entire summer. Basically.

5. Most people aren't on blogs during the summer any way. They're on vacation. Or at the pool. Or chasing their children. Which means there are less of you reading any way-- a good time to take a break.

6. I will still use Twitter for updates on what we are doing. So I am not going to completely disappear. You can follow me on Twitter or come here to see the updates in the sidebar.

7. I took a blogging break last summer and it proved very beneficial. I got some great ideas for how to keep my blog going and honestly, I really enjoyed the break and came back with a renewed sense of purpose.

8. It's not called summer vacation for nothing.

9. I will probably redo my blogging schedule when I come back, just to keep things interesting.

10. I was debating whether or not to take a break when I read this post by Michael Hyatt. It really helped push me over to the yay side. Perhaps there's something you need to take a sabbatical from, too? This article helped give me permission-- maybe you need the same.

Again, I am finishing out this week but will be "off" for the month of July. I've got a special thing I am doing for the month of August that I am very excited about-- so I hope each of you will make plans to come back and participate!
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Zibilee said...

All very good reasons. I hope that you enjoy your break, and I look forward to seeing you back when your sabbatical is over!

Jackie S. said...

Great idea....but I will miss your blogs! Have fun!

Gayle LIN said...

What a beautiful family and they certainly need your time with them as much as you need time with them. As the mother of five and the grandmother of seven, I always put family first.
Have a wonderful vacation.

Robin said...

Enjoy your vacation! I'll miss your blogs but totally understand that you need a break. You have a beautiful family and time goes by so quickly. I have 5 children (3 still at home), & 3 grandchildren, I enjoy & treasure my time with them.

Anonymous said...

Hey Marybeth,

Enjoy the break. Do get some "me" time while you are on vacation. You deserve it. Will miss your blog but I will wait.

Anonymous said...

I hope you have lots of fun. Thanks for blessing us all here.